Saturday, January 26, 2013


I was studying this afternoon and my 4 years old son came into my room. He has this weird habit of taking off all his clothes when he wants to do his "business" in the rest room. I told him he didn't have to take off his clothes, and that when he is in a restaurant and he wants to use the rest room , he doesn't take off his clothes, he laughed and said yes but he wants to take off his clothes as he didn't want them to smell. Lol.

I allowed him and he went into the rest room and came out to tell me that when he is 5 years old, he will not take off his clothes any more. I looked at him from a story I was reading and asked him, if he will like to accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour, he hesitated and said yes, I took him through the ABC of the salvation process, A: he should admit he needs to be saved, and need Jesus Christ to save him. B - He must believe Christ died for my sin and his, I had to break down sin for him, to include telling lies, stealing to make him understand, and then I told him to Confess and commit that Jesus Christ will be Saviour and Lord over his life. I told him to repeat a simple prayer of salvation after me, he repeated the words and I told him he was now born again.

After the prayers, he ran out joyfully but naked to tell his sisters that he prayed with mummy and they should come and pray with mummy to get born again. His 6 years old sister followed him into the room and she asked me what happened. I told her, he got born again and would she want to be born again? She said she was already born again and I asked her when, ( i thought she would say when i spoke to her and her sister about Christ or when their Dad did during their character time). She answered and said "in church" and told me she came out and prayed.

I wanted to be sure, she was truly sure of what she was saying and she told me yes, she is born again and that if you are born again, it does not matter if you die but it matters if you go to heaven and so to get born again you have to sing ; into my heart, into my heart, come into my heart, Lord Jesus, come in to stay, come in today, come into my heart, Lord Jesus amen. I told her yes, you can sing that but told her to repeat a prayer of recommittment/rededication after me, which she and her brother repeated. She ran out after then and her brother ran out with her but came back to ask me to help him wear his shirt. As I was helping him, he said, mummy, I got born again three times! Laughing, I asked him to tell me the three times, he said, the first time was when i came out of your stomach, two, when i said I won't lie again and I prayed and said what you were saying and three, when I repeated what you and my sister was saying! Wow! I have a committed born again son. Hallelujah!

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