Thursday, January 17, 2013


This is worth reading by everyone. I got it from a friend's page on Facebook. TeamVance or the V-Force team as they are called are a husband and wife team that run a Facebook page known as Truly Faithful, they write biblical truths on marriages/relationships, sharing their own walk and faith with God as they make progress in their marriage and family. I pray someone reads this and is blessed as I was blessed.

‎"Most breakdowns in marriages among believers are because there have been breakdowns in the couples' personal relationships with Christ. Many times when you fix the most important relationship (your relationship with Christ), you'll find it easier to fix the next most important relationship in your life, which is your marriage". ~ PAV

Think about it; if you're not spending intimate time with your spouse, more than likely you're not spending intimate time with God. If you are cheating on your spouse, you are also cheating on God. If you are lying to your spouse, then you're lying to God. If you haven't been praying with and for your spouse, then more than likely you haven't been praying to God much either.

Remember, our marriages are to represent the relationship between Christ and the church. So if your marriage is a mess, your relationship with Christ is probably a mess too. Repair the breech with the Father, then you can repair the breech with your spouse.

We can attest to this being true as once in our own marriage we had a major breakdown and were headed for divorce. The interesting thing was, we were totally ignoring God's word on handling conflicts in our marriage so guess what? We were also ignoring each other's feelings as well. We were being stubborn and trying to have our own way, yet how are we to be with Christ? We were to LET HIM HAVE HIS WAY!

So once we examined ourselves, repented and allowed God to have HIS WAY, we then begin to give up our way and put each other's feelings before our own.

If you and your spouse are believers and are struggling to "get along" in your marriage right now, it's time to check your personal relationship with the Father. When you do, you will probably find that God has been warning and preparing you as to where things would go if you did not keep Him close!

Bottom line, we need a right relationship with God in order to have a right relationship with our spouses! Take time TODAY to examine your relationship with God and make the necessary changes with Him, in order to make the necessary changes with your spouse! This will make a world of difference in your marriage! #TestHimAndSee

Lam 3:40 (NIV), "Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the LORD".

Even in marriage, examine yourselves and if need be, get back on track with God so from there you can get back on track with your spouse! Be blessed Everyone!

Please share this with as MANY as you can so that it may encourage couples in their marriages! Thanks. Truly Faithful

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