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This is from a friend, Mr.Uju Onyechere's post on Facebook. I was blessed by it and had to take permission from him to share it here. I pray this story will inspire us all to go the extra mile at all times.

Skibo Castle

A newspaper obituary once read: “Services for affable fix-it man are today.” Instead of focusing on one of the movers and shakers of society, the article told the story of a 79- year-old appliance repairman named Benjamin Smith who was known for his integrity, character, and unquenchable happiness.

The president of the company for which he had worked said, “Half of his job was to go to people’s houses and fix the appliance, and the other half was to fix the people. We had a lot of people with problems who requested him by name. He was very jovial, very friendly, and always had a kind word.”

The question is: When you do your work, is it carried out with the sense of someone who wants to add value to others or is it just because you want to put food on your table? Do you go the extra mile to provide for what you are not paid for?

In the book The Master–Key to Riches, Napoleon Hill told the story of an elderly lady who was strolling through a Pittsburgh Department Store, just window shopping. She passed counter after counter without anyone paying any attention to her. All of the clerks had spotted her as an idle “looker” who had no intention of buying. They made it a point of looking in another direction when she stopped at their counters. Finally the lady came to a counter that was attended by a young clerk who bowed politely and asked if he might serve her. “No,” she replied, “I am just killing time, waiting for the rain to stop so I can go home.”

“Very well, Madam,” the young man smiled. “May I bring out a chair for you?” And he brought it without waiting for her answer. After the rain slacked the young man took the old lady by the arm, escorted her to the street and bade her good-bye. As she left she asked him for his cards.

Several months later the owner of the store received a letter, asking that this young man be sent to Scotland to take an order for the furnishing of a home. The owner of the store wrote back that he was sorry, but the young man did not work in the house furnishings department. However, he explained that he would be glad to send an “experienced man” to do the job.

Back came a reply that no one would do except this particular young man. The letters were signed by Andrew Carnegie, and the “house” he wanted furnished was Skibo Castle in Scotland. The elderly lady was Mr. Carnegie’s mother. The young man was sent to Scotland. He received an order so big that gave him partnership with the store. He later became the owner of half interest in the store.

Are you still there? Beloved, go the extra mile with whatever is in your hand. Aspire to be the best in whatever you are doing. Offer after sale services that money cannot buy. Personalize your services. Let your client’s problem be a challenge to you. Just be good. And nothing can stop you from achieving success.

The key is in your hands. Use it!

Dear Lord, bless my friends reading this article and grant them the spirit of service in Jesus name!

Wishing you the very best of Monday!

To our success!

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