Thursday, January 24, 2013


This message is to my group on facebook called Next Generation of Fathers. You can join and invite others to join. I will be starting the daily devotional with them today. So join and be a part of the men that will influence this generation for God.

My first book for men; Fathers, you must take the lead, came as result of posting daily words of encouragement to men in this group. Those that joined the group in 2009 when it started were my first readers, and I acknowledge this even in the book. My passion to see men live right keeps me awake, praying, reading and researching. I have had the previlege of being in groups where i am the only woman there. I have heard things from men, I have no right hearing and I have been able to counsel them wisely from God's words. This year, God is impressing it in my heart to pray more and reach more men for Him and His work.

I have decided to be a willing vessel in His hand and take this message of telling men to live their divine purpose in Christ to the utmost part of the earth. It's a challenging work to mentor men knowing I am a woman but the truth is God uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. I have been previlege to talk to men older and even wiser than I am but all has been by God's grace.
This year, I may have to write more books, go on radio and do live meetings that will impact on our men. I don't know how everything will work out but one thing I know is I am available to do God's work as when He gives a vision, He makes provision. I will take things one day at a time. Today, I am led to start a daily devotional for men. I heard the words "Manup" clearly in my spirit last year September. I went searching the meaning and soon after got a newsletter from one of my mentors, that used that same words. I have struggled with writing daily, stopped struggling and accepted that God has given me a voice to influence men.

I have started buying books for men to read and research on what true fatherhood is plus all it takes to be a man by God's standard. As a woman, i know I can impart "paternity" because God is neither male or female, Genesis 1:27, Galatians3:28, though He is represented as male. I ask that you all join in praying for God's help as I listen to Him daily to write and touch lives. My prayer is all men will "Manup' and take charge like the second Adam Jesus Christ and not blame others like the first Adam. If change must come, men must take responsibility for themselves and others. God bless us and remember to pray me up as Manup debuts!

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