Saturday, January 19, 2013


My four years old son unintentionally injured me with the door knob this morning, I was so upset with him and told him never to stay behind the door of my room ever again, he immediately apologized and said he was sorry as he wanted to put on the light.

I kept quiet as I was very upset, trying to control myself, he kept saying sorry and I told him to stop as he was fond of saying sorry and keeps repeating things I tell him not to do, and I was tired of hearing him say sorry without the change I want to see...he bowed his head and said again "mummy, I am sorry, I didn't mean it...immediately, a message dropped in my spirit..."Bridget, how many times, have you sinned and gone to God to say sorry? Every day you sin knowingly and unknowingly yet God forgives you as His mercies are new every morning. I was humbled by this and told myself I have to learn to accept my son for who and what he is no matter what he has done knowingly or unknowingly. I now turned to him and told him, I have heard his sorries and it's ok.
We continued our morning routine but that message has been in my head since morning. How many of us need to go to God to say I am sorry for my sins, please forgive me... I am sure God is waiting for you to come to Him and be truly sorry for that which you have done, men may not know but He knows and is waiting, so the devil will not use it against you.

God is waiting for you, tomorrow is not guaranteed, so make peace with God and any one you may have hurt. Like David in Psalm 51, let God create in us a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us.

Note; This year, may we not be like Samson that exhausted his grace with God, by his willful decisions to sin repeatedly without acknowledging his wrong doing initially but may we be like David, that will go continuously before God in repentance every day.

Prayer; This year, sin will not have dominion over me in Jesus name amen.


Salt said...

When a child, especially your own child becomes your teacher? Pay Attention! It's God teaching you.

Thanks Sisdivine.

So far so good. You are passing this exam fine fine. Lol!

Bridget Elesin said...

Very true. That encounter on Saturday hit me below the belt. Lol. God is helping us to pass the exam o! Lol. Thanks for the support. You are now my examiner and accountability officer, as everyday I remember I have not posted on my blog, I remember my Sistadivine's words and fire on again. Everyone needs a Sistadivine like you in their life, so they can fulfill destiny. Thanks so much. You are loved and appreciated always.