Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Wow, it's already 9 days into year 2013 and this is my first post here. I just realized I have more posts on Facebook as I virtually post everyday. Hopefully that will change as I intend to blog more. I will start with a 30 days challenge of blogging everyday and see where that takes me...I am excited about it already. Lol.

This year 2013, Seasons will change but God will remain an unchanging God. This year 2013 is full of God's goodness but we must say yes to His will and way. Its a year i have themed " a year of double speed" . As I was preparing spiritually to enter the new year, what I kept hearing in my spirit was double speed for year 2013 and the picture that came to my heart was that of Elijah outrunning Ahab as found in 1 King 18:46. When you read all of chapter 18 of 1 Kings, you will see that this is not the year to play church but to serve God whole heartedly, like Elijah said, its either you are for God this year or for Baal. This year some will still trust in horses and chariots but those of us that have chosen to serve God choose to trust in the unchanging God that will give us speed to outrun the chariots of the world! Hallelujah!
This year, just as people will see God's goodness and mercy, a lot will experience His judgement like the Prophets of Baal. I pray we will not cross the boundary of mercy to judgement in Jesus name amen.

Some thoughts to live by this year are

1. Love God whole heartedly as He is your maker and knows you more than you know yourself. Learn to read the bible for yourself and live it, there are a lot of wrong messages that is not of God out there, so this year, study to shew yourself approved. Know God for yourself and do exploits in His name.

2. Don't plan without praying. People talk of goals, new year resolutions etc, it's all good but remember, God has the final say just as Proverbs 16:1 says that the PLANS of the mind and orderly thinking belong to man, but from the Lord comes the (wise) answer of the tongue. In verse 3 of the same Proverbs 16, we are told to Roll our works upon the Lord and He will cause our thoughts to be agreeable to His will and make our plans to be established and succeed. So pray and plan plus plan and pray as God has the final say.

3. Ask yourself how you can bless others this year. I have chosen to be a blessing to my world by being "KIND" this year 2013. I realize that being kind to others is a big part of my life. Knowing that kindness is a fruit of the spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23 has made me resolve to promote it as a virtue, not just in my life and family but in the life of every one I will have the opportunity to reach this year. We all need a little kindness in our lives and I believe our world will be a better place if we all show more kindness to our families, friends and people we meet every day. My goal this year is to be kind to others in every sense of the word and I know God will help me to be kind and help others to be kind also. So how can you be a blessing this year 2013? ( Find a fruit of the spirit you live daily and promote it as a virtue in yourself and others)

4. This is a year to know you and make progress in your own life. I am big on volunteering, helping and giving, but this year, I told myself it's my year of "divine selfishness" lol. I am ready to help others but will help myself first. Nobody can love me more than I love me, so I have chosen to spend more time with myself and God to do all He has wired me to do. As they say during the plane/inflight instructions; put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others. For my kind of person, I have so much energy but I found out I help others more than I help myself and I told myself, that has to change as Jesus Christ was focused on His assignment while on earth but went about doing good while keeping His big picture in view. I have chosen to do just that and also let others like me know it's okay to cut back on some activities and focus on "you" for a change. As my Pastor will say, if you say you are Elshaddai, you shall die as only God is Elshaddai. Lol. So learn to live well, know your strength, your weaknesses and help yourself become a better person before helping others ( Get this message right and simplify your life this year. Know that, you can not give what you don't have! Lol)

5. Turn your passion to profit. Yes, this is the part I love, point four will help you know what you can do effortlessly. As you know yourself, turn those little things you do for free to money making ventures. It may not come as big money initially but when you keep at it, People will take you serious and exchange money for the value you bring to the table. Money answereth all things; you need money to pay bills, do the work of God, look good, eat healthy etc, so check to see how many streams of income are within you, sharpen your skills by improving on them and turn that passion of yours to profit.

6. Pursue godly relationships this year, for some people, just a meeting with a helper of destiny will change your story for better. Be sensitive in your spirit, pray for men and women that will be mentors/ helpers of your destiny. Some People may not look it but please be sensitive to make and keep the right relationship.
Note: there are some toxic relationship you must give up, People that do not add any value to you and above all, see nothing good in you, please run away from. ( I am not an advocate for divorce, so do not read this point to mean leave your marriage if your spouse fits the description here. If you are with a dufficult spouse,pray that the Holy Spirit will change him or her plus seek counsel if it involves battery/Bodily harm)

7. Finally, take life easy and live with eternity in view in all you do this year. The ultimate is living a life of purpose, love God, mankind, forgive easily, laugh a lot and generally enjoy the life God has given you, be a blessing and be a soul winner; there is reward in heaven for winning souls, so as you work on your earthly account, do same on your heavenly account. Have a terrific year of double speed.

Note: Congratutions to everyone celebrating this month of January ( birthdays, wedding anniversaries, promotions, house warming, baby births, etc) God bless and favour you all always.


Salt said...

I am happy you are committing to blogging every day. Lol! I am watching you o!

Almost all your points resonate with me especially about being 'selfish' about getting to know yourself and what you are really about. It takes us to a place where we become accepting of ourselves, loving ourselves as we are. Only then can we truly go out there and be kind to and love others as they are.

I like the bit about turning your passion to profit too...All I can to you is this: Bridget, Just Shut Up No be abuse o, see my 2nd to last blog) and Do it! Lol! You who led me to publish my first book, you who has mentored and coached so many. o ya, begin to coach and mentor yourself kia kia. Love you sis. Happy New Year!

Bridget Elesin said...

Sistadivine , I don laugh tire! Yes I will shut up and work! Honestly I have become a case of Physician heal thyself! Lol. Yes, I need you to hold me accountable, I need all my real life angels to be on my case till I make the desired progress. My passion must turn to profit o! You and Pam are my big inspiration not to dull myself! Lol. Thanks for stopping by and may this year be your year of uncommon favour plus fulfillment of all God has promised you and yours in Jesus name amen.

Salt said...

Amen and amen! You shall not dull yourself in Jesus name. Amen! So today, you scored 10 points! Day 2 and counting! Lol! And you are so right, almost like our walk with God is an individual sport, so are our marriages, no two are alike and couples should really chart their course with just one third party in mind. God.