Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Be Careful, Influencer by Lisa Whittle
JAN 22

A character-driven person is careful with their influence.

Because the truth is, many of us have gone wrong…pastors, ministry leaders, spouses, friends, and yes, even mothers with the nurturing bones…by using our ability to persuade in a way that serves self.

And I know, it’s not a fun thing to talk about…how we have the ugly ability to abuse by promoting our own agenda, but it happens, everyday.

[Lest we now wave the pointy finger and forget that in two seconds, we can, too, go off the tracks, let us remember that at the core we all have this thing called a sin nature.]

There have been many a church people who don’t go anymore because someone influential used his or her influence wrong and hurt people.

And it’s true, that the people who got hurt should always and only and ultimately look to Jesus because humans are just human and the pedestal thing has to go.

But it’s also true, that we who have voices that influence (which is really, all of us) have to take personal responsibility, too, for the way we affect the people who listen.

*When we preach loyalty at all costs, as a means to dismiss all exhortations that don’t fully support our position and cause people to fear being tagged as one of those haters, even at the expense of truth…

*When our minds cunningly figure out ways to make words fall in our favor, even when our heart recognizes its manipulation…

*When we begin to believe that the goal of getting our way justifies the means we take to get there, compromising even the smallest bit of integrity…

Then, we sit in a scary spot, because we have not been careful with our influence. Then, people get hurt…we live compromised…things go very wrong.

Be careful, spouses who use sex, money and other manipulations to get what we want at the moment.

Be careful, ministers, to make sure we use words to promote only His agenda.

Be careful, parents, that in our effort to get our kids to live up to our dreams we don’t brazenly or subtly manipulate them into them.

Be careful, me. Be careful, you.

We have influence.


*Conversation: After reading this, can you see how even some of our everyday behaviors can quickly turn into manipulations? Does it change the way you look at influence?

Note- I saw the link on a facebook friend's post and went to read, Thanks Sade Tagbo for sharing this thought provoking link. May God help me and us all influence positively, selflessly and not selfishly in Jesus name amen.
You can check Lisa for more inspiring posts/messages at her blog; www.lisawhittle.com

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