Sunday, January 13, 2013


I got this note from Toluwalase Faith Ibilola, a dear friend and sister on Facebook. It's worth reading and my prayer is that every parent should take this words to heart and take actions that will help each child avoid this menace of abuse.

Parents, what on earth are you there for? God did not give you children just to prove you can reproduce neither did He give you children to take up space in your home. He gave you children to train them up in His way and help fulfill their destinies. He assigned you as their guardians.

Why on earth will strangers within and without sexually torment your children and you have no inkling? Why on earth will your children be engaging in sexual acts at such young ages of innocence, get STD's, pregnant and you won't know? What on earth are you looking at for goodness sake? Why will a 12 year old girl be impregnated by her 14 year old brother and you never noticed anything? Why will your 6 year old be molested by her neighbor who is old enough to be her grandpa for good 3 years and you never knew? Why will you son be having sexual relations with your househelps and you don't know? Why will you accuse a 6 year old, flat chested, gap toothed girl of seducing a fully grown man? Why???? You must be really sick and depraved to think or even say such. What are you running after? What money are you looking for that you haven't found? What prayers are you praying so much day in, day out that the Spirit of God who is supposed to be in you didn't point out? You go to church like it's going out of fashion, yet you have neglected your own home, especially the children. You almost want to die at work to secure that promotion or that big contract all to the detriment of your children's lives. Why?

Please, slow down on all you're chasing and focus on these children. They are trying to communicate with you but you're not listening. Guide these children. Keep updated on what's going on in their lives. Spend time bonding with them. Create an atmosphere where no matter what it is, that child will not keep anything from you. Pray for them but don't let prayer do the upbringing. Where you are meant to step in as a parent, please step in and perform your roles. Don't just say God will help me, but do your part because God will not descend from heaven to train your children. Educate them so they know what is acceptable and isn't. Build their self esteem so no matter what they're told outside and even in the home, they know their worth. Don't just tell them if you get pregnant, I'll kill you. Educate them on sex when they are able to fully comprehend what you're saying. Let them know no one is allowed to touch them in certain areas. Teach them what to do if it ever occurs, even if they're threatened. Don't you know children keep these things to themselves because they don't have enough confidence in their parents, so they feel the best thing to do is just obey the threat? Never, ever blame any child for abuse received. Haba, what does the child know!

Please, there are too many destinies destroyed everyday because of this ignorant and careless attitudes of parents. Perform your roles and save these souls.

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