Wednesday, January 16, 2013


This year 2013, I have promised myself I will be kindness personified and at thesame time, I will start by being kind to myself first. So here are my thoughts on things to do to show you are being kind to yourself.

1. Start each day with God - More than ever before, this is a year to put God first in all you do. Make out time to pray, read your bible and generally meditate on scriptures. Learn to declare God's word over your situation and be a "praisco" addict instead of a "disco" addict! ( my cousin taught me pays to praise and dance to God than dance to worldly music. Lol)

2. Be focused - There is so much to be done in your life, focus on you, try and plan how your life will run this year and focus on doing just that, so you will look back and see what you have achieved focusing on yourself.

3. Pamper yourself : stop thinking its a sin to just enjoy your life or give yourself a treat...start by doing a and discover new places/things..hang out with loved ones...visit a yourself some clothe, eat some ice cream, chocolate, cakes, go dancing or do anything you enjoy doing without feeling guilty. As a woman and a home maker, I know what it takes to run a home, putting others first most times before thinking of yourself...I see a lot of women get money and the first thing they think is to spend on their family and others,at the end, all the money is gone on meeting other people's needs. Good cause but for once, spend on you! ( whispers..I did that recently and yes, I am still tingling in excitment from knowing I concentrated 85 percent on my needs over others. It feels good. Lol). Most men, fall in this category too; dear godly man, its okay to take my advice here too.
I have one or two Spa date planned out with my daughters this year and yes unlike last year i promised them, this time, we will go and just be girls having a nice time ( Yes,I will just do it, as my Sistadivine SALT will say; Bridget, shut up and do it!. Lol).

4. Develop yourself : This year, make sure you develop yourself in all areas of your life. Read books in areas that will enhance your skills, go for trainings, free ones and those you can afford to pay for. Spend quality time, developing your relationship skills so you can charm the socks off your husband, children, loved ones and even colleagues. Become a better you.

5. Keep fit and be health conscious : be kind to yourself by eating moderation for people like us... I love food! Lol, exercise, this is a must, find something you love doing and stick to it, I.e dancing, walking, skipping,swimming, stairs climbing...hit the gym if you must but find ways that you can exercise at home and have a routine for 30 minutes at least everyday. I have agreed to do some stairs climbing plus walking, I will let you know when it becomes an habit. Lol.

6. Schedule periodic medical check ups; full body or whatever you need to check. Women must check out for all the common cancers; ovarian, breast etc. it's not our portion in Jesus name but early detection will save any woman and men too as there is prostrate cancer to watch out for.

Note - I had dental and eyes test December last year with my children, we had our mouth cleaned and even discovered one of my daughters had to remove two milk teeth disturbing her permanent teeth from coming out. I also had my eyes checked and got new prescription for my glasses plus new frames!
It's good to monitor your blood pressure also. I have a digital machine that I use to do this and I know when to take it easy..advice I normally give to my husband as so far, my blood pressure has been good. Too many young People are suffering from high blood pressure these days, to avoid this and other illnesses that may be fatal, please do regular BP check, get your doctor to place you on vitamins or each vitamin rich fruits and above all sleep well. Four hours is not enough to sleep, make sure you get adequate sleep and rest. ( for the married, sex is a stress buster, make sure you engage in romancing and making love to your wife or husband. It works is God's idea so don't think I am bing a spoilt girl or woman! Lol).
WARNING - Mind you, be careful how you take medications, even if it's a pain relief medicine,please be careful, and mind how you take over the counter drugs plus all the herbal wonder plus diet drugs in the market now.

7. Learn to be financially intelligent, prudent and accountable - learn to make and keep money. learn to save for rainy days , my Uncle will always say, your best friend in the times of financial need is your bank account, so if you have nothing saved, it becomes your nightmare. Learn to budget and track your spendings. This is not the year to be doing "ashoebi" or going on meaningless shopping sprees and buying things you don't need. Think of ways to have more streams of income, spend less and save more for investments and other things that will give you a nice retirement package plus leave an inheritance for your loved ones.

8. Learn to laugh and laugh - living in my country Nigeria gives one no option but to just laugh and be happy because if you think of all the government and self induced stress routines, you will end up depressed. So the solution,is to look for ways to be happy. Laughter is medicinal and will you cost nothing. So create your own fun by laughing your way through the day. Just do what will make you have a good laugh, which includes watching a good comedy video, not reading plus listening to depressing news and generally laugh at yourself and others.

Wow! So much to say about being kind to yourself but I am sure you get the message. Remember, you are important to God, your family and loved ones, so it pays to be kind to YOU!

Prayer; Almighty Lord, help me to be kind to myself always in Jesus name amen.

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