Monday, December 3, 2012


Wow! It's December 2012, in 28 days time, this year will be in our past. This year has gone by so fast, I am wondering how fast it went.  I am happy to be alive till now and I trust you are happy too. As I was meditating on my theme for December 2012, what I got was a month of change and possibility and the scripture to back this up was Romans 4:17-18. In this verse of scripture, Abraham believed in faith as God called forth those things that be not as though they were. He believed God and through faith, he changed status to became a father of nations as God had promised. What was impossible with man became possible with God!
So what is that thing you are trusting God for? 28 days is too long for God to act, within a day, God can change your status as you trust and hope in His unfailing mercies.
As this year comes to an end, i believe we must all do the following so as to end the year beautifully and hit year 2013 on a great start.

1.Have "Me time " -  As the year comes to an end, you need alone time to reflect on the past months and to think through every step/ decisions you made . What would you have done differently to get a better result? what would you have done to put you on course to your desired goals? To thine own self be true! So sit down and see how you fared in your life this year 2012 as regards the following:

A.Spiritual life : what was your relationship with  God like? were you too busy with the rat race, that you had no time for God? What was your involvement in church and being a blessing to others? Reflect and be truthful as regards your spiritual life.

B. family life; how was your relationship with your spouse, children and other relatives ?  Can your family say, they felt your impact in their lives? where you there for them?

C. Career : Where you satisfied with your work ethics this  year? did you put in your best into your work? Did you add value to your work? Did you get the promotion you envisioned? What would you have done differently to be at the peak of your career?

D. Your finances : How did you fare with your finance? Did you spend more than what you were earning? Did you find ways to make more money? Were you prudent in your spending or you went over board? Did you budget before spending or you spend before budgeting? Were you able to save money for yourself and other capital projects?

E. Your health : Did you invest in eating well and caring for yourself, did you exercise? Did you go for yearly checkup? Where you able to live healthy? Food wise, drink, exercise, rest etc.

F. Self Development : did you invest in yourself this year? How many books did you read? how many seminars did you attend? How many mentors did you sit under to learn? What research did you do in your area of specialty ? Are you better this year than last year 2011 in terms of developing yourself?

All this questions and more, you need to ask and answer truthfully as you prepare for a better  year 2013.

2. Plan: You must start planning for year 2013 NOW! Don't wait till 2013 to start planning your year, if you want a great or greater year, you must plan your life on paper and also see how you will execute the plan to have a better year ahead. Use the points above to make plans as regards various areas of your life.

3. Invest in yourself: I am an advocate of and for self development and as the year comes to an end, I will ask that you invest in materials that will build you up and keep you focused on what you need to do next year. I am currently investing in myself by buying books and other tool kits that will help me more focused and productive next year. I am also spending time studying in my area of specialty so I can be an authority in my area. I have also started working on turning my passion to profit as i usually do a lot  of consulting for people for free and all I get most times is thank you, that wont pay my bills! Lol. So I am currently developing myself and positioning myself for more plus making sure i get paid for what I love doing. ( there will still be some freebies but it won't be business as usual. Lol)

4. Be prayerful : This is very key, I left it till now so any super spiritual reader will not just fold their hands and just be praying without doing the other 3 points. I believe in prayers and I call myself a walking Prayer, but God expects us to do the work, then watch and pray for a bountiful harvest.
No farmer prays for harvest without tilling the soil, planting the seed in the right soil, plus weeding, watering and manuring to make sure the seed grows well for a bountiful harvest. So prayer should be said to back up all you have purposed and plan. Pray without ceasing, so says the bible.

5. Forgive others: Some people will ask why is this here and what does it have to do with me preparing for next year? Well I know for sure, that during the course of the year, we made lofty plans, wrote goals but after all said and done, we may not have achieved what we planned. Some of us did not achieve our goals because those that were suppose to help us, hurt us bad and so we found it hard to move on, some of us were hurt along the way and decided to go back to our shells, some of us made so much blunders that we can not forgive ourselves and so have remained in one spot!
Dear sister/ brother reading this, my words of advice is to let go and let God heal you, let God help you to forgive that business partner that duped you, that uncle/aunt/mum/dad that refused to help you, that friend that maligned your name before your destiny helpers, that person that  hurt you so bad you got stuck in your track because of the pain of betrayal. Forgive the person that has told you, you can never succeed in your area of passion. Move on and forgive your self too. Let the pain move you to make progress to prove that with  God you can do all things. Forgiving yourself and others is very key to ending this year well and entering year 2013 with great expectations.

6. Take progressive actions: Without taking actions, you will not achieve all you have planned. If you want to make a meal of rice, you must take actions to get the rice and put in a pan with  water to boil plus add other condiment at the right time. If after the rice meal has been prepared, you refuse to serve the food and actually eat it, you will not know if the food is sumptuous or not. So we all need to take progressive actions to achieve our intended goals plus enjoy our progress.

7. Have the right Attitude ; Finally what will give you an edge in everything besides the above points is the right attitude. Attitude is everything, as this is what separates winners from losers. Do you have a winning attitude? a thankful attitude? A teachable attitude? It's only when you have the right attitude that you can become a true champion . Joseph in the bible is one of my favorite character of study and his winning attitude gave him an edge that took him from the pit to prison and finally to the palace!  If you must end this year well plus enter Year 2013 with great expectations, you must have the attitude of a winner, the attitude of one that knows God is faithful to do all He has promised you, the attitude to be thankful that despite all, you are grateful to be alive to try again and make progress. Have a winning attitude that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! Finally have the attitude to help others succeed, even when you think you are not succeeding, help others and see God bless you above your expectations.

Wow! I am excited to see the great year 2012 end beautifully for us all but I look forward to a better 2013 and am sure God is excited to bless us beyond our expectations. I have been blessed writing this post but I will be more blessed if you read and do what is here plus return with testimonies! Hallelujah!!!

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