Monday, December 3, 2012


God does nothing without prayer. So it's time to take our prayers for our Nation to another level...saying we did not vote for the President will not solve our problems right now..forces are at work, to rubbish and destroy the country, the President is definitely under a spell and only God can make him do right and take charge or help him to self destruct. God created the waster, and He was the one that wasted Pharoah, God was still the one that saved Balaam using his donkey. Anything is possible with God, I cry for this country and I ask myself how did we get here but I have counseled myself not to say what I don't know or can not wrap my head round. Right now, Nigeria needs a revival! A revolution in the spirit realm. Let's pray until God gives us the grace to take our destinies in our hands and fight for the soul of our nation Nigeria.

Dear Lord, i thank you for Nigerian and for Nigerians, thank you for despite all what is going on, we still have a country called Nigeria. I ask for mercy for our great country, show us your mercy O Lord, in every way we have turned our backs against you. Nigeria, I speak to your foundations and I say you will arise and shine, every demonic altar and leaders will be brought down, every wicked and vile men and women will self destruct. Those that want to loot our common wealth and keep us all in penury and under development will die miserable deaths. Evil men and women will no longer rule over you in Jesus name amen.

We pray for every government official under a spell, remove every veil from their eyes and heart, let them start working for the good of the nation, let there be a change in the government, confuse the camp of the enemies of Nigeria. Divide the tongue of every evil advisors . Raise men and women with conscience to develop this land. I release your angels to go to every nook and cranny of Nigeria and restore our collective blessings, I ask your blood to speak restoration in all areas of our National life in Jesus name amen, we speak development to our infrastructures in every sector, we ask that you will send Nehemiahs to rebuild the walls of this country, restore our glory O Lord.

If some people must die for this nation to move forward then send your angels O Lord to do a quick work and kill every one manipulating this land with their sorcery and witchcraft. Be a God of vengeance and avenge for the oppressed against the oppressors. God show your might and power the way you did in the times of Moses. Be God in Nigeria and show us that you can make our impossible situation possible. Lord, you can restore our energy sector, you can raise men and women that will not compromise but will stand to see this land rescued from every form of destruction. God reveal every hidden things concerning this nation and let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in Nigeria in Jesus name amen. Thank you Lord, we trust you to have your way in the lives of Nigerians and in Nigeria in Jesus name amen.

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