Saturday, December 29, 2012


Matthew 13:25 says while men slept, the enemy came to sow tares. This is not the time to sleep people of God, this is the time to stand watch and pray for yourself and others.. A lot of people are sleeping and the enemy is having a field day in their life, family, business, country etc. as we enter into a new year, please wake up from your slumber spiritually and stand in prayers. The last days to the end of the year is not to party but to decree God's words over your life ad situations. The enemy is actively working looking for where to sow tares. Don't be caught napping. This is an alarm post to wake us all up to pray. Remember Samson slept and the enemy cut off his hair and he lost his glory, Jonah slept as he ran away from God's work and finally woke up to see himself finally thrown into the sea, the disciples slept while Jesus was praying on his way to the most crucial period of his ministry. This is not time to sleep. Wake up now like Jesus Christ and rebuke all contrary wind in your life and family. God help us all.
Note - Mark 4:35-41, Matthew 14:22-36


Salt said...

I knew this but thanks for saying it again. Over the past weeks I have been having crazy nightmares that did not really match what I was seeing around me. God said to me, don't walk by sight, remember?. So I knew that I had to be prayerfully alert. Even if I was slacking, your post would have jolted me! Happy New Year in advance Sisdivine. Hugs to all! The devil shall have none of us. Not one bit.

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks dearest Sistadivine for stopping by. The bible says we should pray always. Amen to the prayer. Happy new year to you and yours.