Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Mr and Mrs Gist; Yes it's the holiday season and I am glad many couples are taking time to unwind and be with their family. I believe family is key, as they will be the ones to miss you most when you are not there. So take this time and truly enjoy your family members. These are some of my thoughts for a beautiful family time this holiday season/ end of year. Know that it's not always about money, to most people, especially children, love is spelt as t.i.m.e., so spend quality time with your children and your spouse.

Children; it doesn't take much to make them happy. The following will increase your love account in their love bank.

1. If you can afford new clothes and gifts, please buy for them. If you can not, get their old stuff, washed and cleaned, take them out, to visit friends and relatives.

2. Make something nice that they will enjoy eating, get some drinks or make some fruit drink and watch a movie at home.

3. Daddies should take this time to bond with their children, help with their bath, fix them breakfast, lunch or dinner. Read to them, let them assist you in some chores like washing the car, cleaning the compound etc.

4. Learn to teach them about God, take them to church, let them know the reason for this season. The Christmas story is a story of hope and salvation. Tell it in your own way or get a movie that will help pass the message across.( for those in Lagos, the Thespian family theatre has a stage play written by Ayo Jaiyesimi. It will be showing at the Muson center on the 29th and 30th of December. It's called the mad king of ijudiya. Check out their for more details)

5. Generally think of things your children will love and do them. Don't forget to pray with them and for them. As the year comes to an end, let them know it's good to thank God for divine health, provision and protection all through the year.

Now for your spouse. So many fun things to do. Here are some of my favourite things

1. Know what trips your spouse and do it. Know their love language and speak it.

2. Take stock of your year, how did both of you fare in all areas of your life. Check where you both need to work and improve on I.e finance, spirituality, romance, family life etc.

3. Watch a good movie together. My husband and I watched Mr and Mrs, a Nigerian movie, I will recommend for all couples to see, the lessons there are thought provoking. You can actually watch for free on YouTube.

4. Increase your love account by depositing enough love credit in your love bank by being romantic; hold hands publicly, smooch your spouse, compliment him/ her, serve him/her breakfast in bed, hug each other from time to time, schedule a bath together, give each other a massage and just enjoy each other.

5. Laugh together and take time hanging out with each other and friends/ family.

6. Communicate , plan and pray as you end this year and enter another year.

7. Do not allow other people, things to get to you to treat your spouse negatively, have your guards up and be joyful. For those that have family members coming over, you need to be more tolerant. This is a season to love and share.

8. Finally for those that will be away from their spouse, it's not time to go and court trouble by being unfaithful. Like I say to men/women, Adultry kills, destroys your destiny and leave curses that may affect your children and generation yet unborn. Stay away from men/women that are not your spouse. Mind the end of year parties and don't go looking for trouble by getting drunk. Stay alert and stay live. God bless us all.

Note ; For those nursing a sick spouse, may God strengthen you. Do the best you can and show love. Get others to help you so you can unwind

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