Monday, November 12, 2012


It's exactly 49 days to the end of the year. Indeed how time flies. I was just thinking aloud yesterday and i was like wow! Its fifty days to the end of the year. We have gone through January till now, November. A lot of people started the year with high hopes of what to achieve and along the line, challenges came their ways, some have been able to achieve their written goals for the year while some are still on it.

I have achieved some of my goals and a lot are still waiting to be achieved but in all this, being alive has shown me that anything is still possible and one day is too long if I commit to intelligent work plus actions and trust God to help me.

As i was in my meditative mode yesterday, i was asking myself what have i achieved this year and how much impact have i made in the lives of others? I am one person that believe we have all been created for specific purposes and as such, success in life is relative. Most people believe that when you have money, you are a successful person, not minding the fact that the money may be Ill gotten especially in a country like ours where corruption thrive and you see overnight success stories without a tangible proof of a legitimate business to warrant such wealth. Any ways back to my thoughts. Lol..

How do you define how successful you are and what impact you have made? I truly believe that you are not a true success except you have achieved your desired goal in life with the help of God and have also succeeded in impacting lives. Here is what I think about being a success as we wind down our activities for the year. Let's know that every person's definition is some of my dear sisters that had children, after years of waiting, their success has arrived with the birth of their baby, to another brother that has been waiting for a job for over 5 years, getting his dream job this year means he is a success. To another that wanted a house, getting his first house shows he is a success..but here is what I think about success.

1. Success is relative; We are created differently, so what is success to you may not be success to another. Take an example of a career woman and a domestic goddess or stay at home mum, the career woman will see climbing the career ladder plus promotion as being successful, while the other lady sees her success in how well she manages her home and how well behaved her children are. Success to this two people can be seen from different perspective.

2. No comparing success; we all have our assignments, from an illustration that was given during my house fellowship meeting as we discussed on secrets of success, I can say categorically that we all have our different path and so no need to compare if one person is more successful than the other. If as a particular machine, you were created to produce 100 cartons every month and you are only able to produce 40 daily, you will be seen as a failure by your manufacturer while others comparing you to almost same machine that is suppose to produce 10 cartons daily and produces same quantity may see you as a success. The manufacturer knows what each machine is capable of producing and knows who is actually a success but others looking see the 40 Cartons and think that machine is more productive than the other producing 10, indeed there is no basis for such comparison.

3. Success should be transferable ; who is benefiting from your success? How many persons have you impacted? A lot of people see success as working hard and enjoying the fruit of their hardwork without including others in the equation. Some see it as the work of their hands that must be enjoyed alone. The truth is that a truly successful person is a person that has conquered greed and can share whatever he or she has been blessed with. You are not a success until you have transferred what you have by way of knowledge to another or by way of blessing the next person to be a success as well. many people in our world today do not have successors because they have not taken the time to impact others and produce more of their success stories. We should think success to the next generation!

4. Success goes beyond money or financial wealth; Many people see success as having just wealth or money plus other good things of life. Real success is defined as achieving a desired goal or intention. So if you have a written goal like; Reading and passing for an exam, when you do this, you are a success ad so you may not have it defined as cash but you have it defined as having achieved a worthy goal.Success can also be in your character, a poor man of integrity can be seen as being a success compared to a man that is dubious with cash.

5. Success is intelligent work; you can not be a true success without hard, smart or intelligent work. There is work to be done and any successful person must be ready to do the work to be a success. You must be able to observe other successful people plus judge what exactly you want to succeed in, you must interpret correctly what you have seen and take actions that will produce result. Even Ants as described in the bible observe and take actions to store food during summer for winter. Proverbs 6:6-11

6. Success can only be lasting when you know the author of lasting success - Almighty God our maker; this is hard for a lot of people to take in as many successful people are not religious or if they are religious, they are not Christians. Indeed God is not partial as He created every human being and all things. If you put in the required work, be you a Christian or Pagan, you will achieve anything but the bottom line is those that are successful God's way, have lasting joy plus peace and are sure of where they will end up eventually after their sojourn on earth. For me, knowing this helps me keep eternity in view in all I do.
I believe we should all have this at the back of our mind to help us know that our stay here is temporal. Some of my favorite stories in the bible on God giving lasting success is that of the Patriarchs in Genesis, from Abraham to Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, they had uncommon success in their own right that till date is still being talked about. Another of my favourite passage about success in the bible is found in 2 Chronicles 26:5, which said as long as Uzziah sought the Lord, God made him to prosper ( God made him a success) . This for me, is true success

This is my perspective on success and I want to know yours. As we look forward to the end of the year, may our perspective of true success match that of God's own as He is the one that will say finally," Well done my faithful servant" . I long to hear those words one day and I hope you desire to hear it too after our stay on earth. God help us all.

Note: For further reading - Jeremiah 29:11, and John 14


Unknown said...

Wow! What an insight. So many people have coined all sort of things they think is "secrets to success". One important thing you mentioned is dat success is relative. As a Christian my achievements won't b a " success" if they are not entwined with wat my creator originally intended for me.these days people borrow other people's successes cos it's the "in thing". Get ur own dream and achieve your own success dats the only way you'd truly be successful

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks Tamara, you got the message, success is defined by God's purpose for you and I. Thanks for stopping by.