Saturday, November 24, 2012


I got this post from a group on my bb, i thought it was worth sharing, I am sure it will help the men think and the boys to grow up while it will also let women know what they should look out for, so they can help the "boys" around them to grow. This is to help the male specie around us grow to their full potential and become better in all areas of their lives especially in their relationship with the woman in their individual lives. Happy reading and please be honest and do the self audit and change for the better.


A BOY keeps a password on his cellphone While a MAN is confident enough to say "Baby can you answer that for me"!!

A BOY runs the streets and chills with his friends While a MAN is enjoying time with his woman planning ahead for their future!

A BOY complains about spending too much time with his woman,A MAN plans vacations and getaways because he is wise enough to notice tomorrow isn't promised!

A BOY has pride after arguments, A MAN has heart and emotions, A BOY beats on his woman, A MAN massages & caresses his woman!

A BOY will Tell his friends and people how BAD his Woman is, A MAN will say nice things About his Woman because he knows NOBODY is Perfect.

A BOY tells his woman all the things she does wrong, A MAN acknowledges his woman's hard work and over looks her errors!

A BOY tells his woman she is sexy, A MAN tells his woman she is beautiful!

A BOY thinks all domestic jobs are for women, A MAN helps his Woman both at home and outside.

A BOY thinks all the MEN who comment on a girl's Picture/ write up is her BOYFriend, A MAN knows that a beautiful lady must have admirers but she can't date them.


A BOY envy his Woman, A MAN support his WOMAN, A BOY won't take care of his Woman but still want her to look GOOD. A MAN takes care of his Woman because he knows if he doesn't another MAN will do it.
A BOY lies at all times, A MAN tells the TRUTH and Begs for forgiveness if Need be.

A BOY is always fighting, A MAN makes PEACE.

A BOY will read this and think this is about him, A MAN will read this and thoroughly acknowledge what he needs to fix in his relationship. Do you agree with this? Are you a Boy or a Man?


Eya Ayambem said...

Hilarious! I couldn't help sharing with some friends. I can't find button to share on google or Facebook.

Salt said...

Nothing left to say about this apart from GBAM! I especially love the last part. It takes a true mighty good MAN to be able to read this, shine the light inwards and see where he needs to step up and make amends so he can even be a better MAN.

Sisdivine, you rock. This should be shared with all of the male specie. Lol!

Anonymous said...

I Totaly agree with the concept. I believe boys should grow to become men. That growth process might be longer for those that do not have mentors or are not teachable. I strongly ask all males to constantly grow to become men.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with manhood or any masculine traits. Women do not know anything about manhood and it damn sure has nothing to do with their relationship wants