Monday, November 26, 2012


I have been thinking about a lot of ladies and even men I see wanting to look good and looking worse. A lot of people go all out to change their looks through surgeries and end up worse, I have seen a lot of Hollywood stars and surgeries gone bad, and I wonder what will make people inflict so much pain and waste money to look worse. In Nigeria, we have not reached that Hollywood level but I have seen a lot of women wear make up that make them look worse than a masquerade, some have so bleached their skins that they have turned into objects of ridicule. I believe make up is to enhance our beauty but what I see make me wonder if these women don't have mirrors in their homes or they do not have friends or relatives that will tell them the truth. I believe in people looking natural and aging gracefully, I am not against enhancing your beauty but please do it to look better and not worse, if you must wear artificial hair, wear what will fit and not scare children, if you want to wear make up, please wear it moderately and if you must go under the knife or use Botox or other beauty enhancing materials, please do so in a manner that will make you look better and enhance your God given beauty.

I am definitely in support of looking good but I strongly believe we must not take our looking good to the level where we place so much emphasis on our looks over our brains. I have seen women buy weavons for over a hundred thousand naira and fix on their head, some look pretty on their lace wigs from brazil, India, Peru and other countries but some look absolutely ridiculous. I truly wonder why monies that can pay school fees for a disadvantaged child is used to fix hair...hmmm, some reading this note will think maybe she does not have the money hence she is talking this way...the truth is I can afford it ten times over but my conscience will not allow me do that, I will rather give that money to a Missionary to help spread the gospel or help pay the school fees of disadvantage children or send it to a widow in need than spend it on human hair no matter it's origin.

I have seen a lot of ladies fantasize about clothes, make up and other accessories and go on shopping spree, that I wonder if they have money to eat eventually. Ladies now borrow friends weavon or hair extensions to fix on their hair and I wonder what went wrong. I see men drive flashy cars with the latest wrist watches, perfumes etc but can hardly pay their rents and I wonder who they are trying to impress. Dear sister, you are not your hair, you are not your make up or clothes? Yes it helps create a total package but there is more to you than your clothes etc. Dear brother, you are not your car, your shoes or suit. You are more than that!

My candid advice is we should learn to do everything in moderation, we should look good without breaking a bank, we should enhance our beauty and not end up looking like masquerades and above all we should be confident that God made us in His image and likeness and will expect us to maintain our looks to the glory and praise of His name. Selah!!

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