Monday, November 19, 2012


My story with Laterna book store, started over 5 months ago when I got a mail from someone in Laterna to supply them 300 copies of my book, FATHERS: YOU MUST TAKE THE LEAD. I laughed because what I had then was a mini book with so much imperfections but I loved it, because it was what I consider my first fruit in publishing a book. It was a compilation of my posts to the Next Generation of Fathers group on Facebook.

I replied the mail and got a follow up call to let me know they got a request for 300 copies of the book. Reluctantly I went to the bookstore for a meeting and the person that called me, said they got a call from a person that heard me speak about the book with Titi Adelagun-Oyinsan of Titi and the NaijaSistas on Inspiration Fm. I was amazed, as I did not know the impact my little book had made to warrant being called up by one of the biggest book store in Lagos to order for 300 copies! Lol.
I brought out my precious mini book and told the man I did not have up to 300 copies with me, and any copy left was with my brother-inlove in Canada as he was the one that printed the book for me. I had given out most of it to bless people around me and I sold a few copies in some of the meetings I got invited to. The testimony about the mini book is that despite its flaws, I got amazing reviews, and lives were transformed reading the book. A dear brother read it and sent me a cheque for 25,000 Naira and when I asked him why? he said he was grateful that he read the book before becoming a father! Wow, that's how powerful, God had used the words of the book to touch lives!

I told the man in Laterna bookstore that the book did not have the International standard book number (ISBN) and besides I don't have the number of copies he wanted but I promised him I will rewrite the book and deliver to him. The person that asked for the books wanted it delivered before father's day in June 2012.
I want to work immediately and thanks to facebook messages, I got most of my posts to the group and started the process of rewriting the book. I got a dear brother and friend who is one of the most creative person I know in the publishing industry to help with publishing it here in Nigeria.

I got the support of my dear destiny helper; my husband to help with seed money for publishing the book and he also helped in linking me up with an editor after a dear friend recommended that I get one if I wanted to take my book writing to another level. I also got the support of another friend who is my accountability partner and "tormentor" to meet my deadline. Lol.
I did all I could, including not sleeping a whole day to put finishing touches to the book, I finally submitted to my publisher and other friends for editing and proof reading. So started my journey to self publishing, after all the hard work, sleepless nights, I got the shocker of my life as the normal bureaucratic process in Nigeria kept the "ISBN" till after my date of delivery, and so I missed out on my 300 copies being sold!

I was pained, not because of the money, i would have been paid for the books but because I missed out on impacting 300 men, whose lives and families lives would have been transformed by reading the book. I finally took it in good faith and told myself I now have a better and bigger version of the book.

I was eventually encouraged to write to Laterna by two dear sisters, and ask for the books to be stocked in their bookstore for sale. I got no response from them until after some months and when the call came to bring my books last week friday 16th November 2012, I was too stunned to talk. Lol
I finally got to Laterna on monday 19th November 2012 and finalised the deal to have my books sold there but with a condition that I am the one to determine my sales for now. So here I am, asking everyone to go get a copy of the book to support the ministry of mentoring men, there is so much to be done and I believe my writing is one of the tools to reach our men. I told some of my friends, that its not spirits that will buy the books but human beings. So join the human beings and go buy a copy or grab many copies for the men you have around you. They will thank you for the book eventually, I am not saying this because I wrote the book, I am saying this because God wrote the book through my hands! See you at Laterna bookstores ( Laterna Ventures Limited 13, Oko-Awo Close, Victoria Island Lagos. Telephone 01-7730515 and 01-7732470). Order your copies Now! ( In my best sells woman voice). Lol. Having my book in Laterna book store is a big deal for me, so permit my excitement!! Lol


Salt said...

Yeeeeeeee!!!!!! A journey worth every painful agonising step!!!!! Congrats Sisdivine. To God be all the glory!!!!!

Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks dear Sistadivine, for all your support, push and prayers, indeed it's been a journey worth every painful agonizing step!!!! Thanks again for being there.

Eya Ayambem said...

Hi Bridget, I found you at Salt's blog. I felt bad about the disappointment but thank God it is there now.
Wish I could get one for my hubby, Lagos is so far away *sigh*

I like your blog. Now a follower.

Bridget Elesin said...

Eya, thanks so much for your comment, I am glad you found me. Salt is my Sistadivine and her blog is one place I go to unwind and think as well. Thanks for liking my blog and following. If you are on Facebook, locate me, so I know how to get the book to you. God bless