Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I have a burden for marriages and I think the church should rise and say no to divorce. I don't care who has erred! I don't care what the devil used to entice the couples to make them fall and see themselves as enemies. Let's genuinely cry out to God to save Christian homes from this reproach of divorce. Let's pray that our marriages will not be another statistics for the divorce court. Let's pray for Ministers homes. Let's pray that mercy will prevail in our homes, let's pray that agape love be shared in our hearts, let's pray that true love and submission will be the hallmark of every marriage here and that of our Men/women of God. Let's ask God to intervene in any marriage we know heading for the divorce court that God will bring in true repentance, that their hearts will not be hardened and let forgiveness plus mercy prevail. Let's thank God for His intervention in our lives and pray that He will make each husband what He wants him to be for his wife and the wife what He wants her to be for the husband. Let's pray that God will cause each husband and wife to walk in agreement and in love in Jesus name.

Note: We should always pray for our homes and draw the blood line. Let's also endeavour to read good books inspired by God's words on marriages, let's attend marriage seminars and conferences. Let's also look for accountability partners and marriage mentors to help us. This idea of thinking we are too anointed to have marital issues is wrong, tongue and teeth as close as they are fight by biting on each other but they make up and still eat to keep the body working. Let's also know that Jesus Christ did not carry His cross alone, Simon of Cyrene helped him. So staying "Solo" should not be. Get other couples that can pray with you and teach you God's ways concerning marriage. God help us all

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