Saturday, September 1, 2012


Husband and Wife gist: A guy meeting my husband for the first time this week, commended him for allowing his wife answer his calls as not many "successful" guys allow that. We had a long talk over this and the conclusion is husband and wife should be open to each other. You can enjoy a better relationship when you do things in common and are open, supporting and encouraging each other. The bible says Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed.
Note- A lot of couples have done things that they can never share with their spouse. My candid advice, pray and open up to your spouse. Be it infidelity, building houses without your spouse knowledge, having fat bank accounts only known to you, having a child outside that your spouse does not know of, and so many other things your spouse does not know. This may be tough but with God and a willingness to live and do right, there will be divine intervention. Give yourself and your spouse the gift of unconditional love, trust and sincerity. Be true and open to one another in all things. God help us.

Everybody has a love language. What is commonly encouraged is for you to feed your spouse love language but if you look very well, there is a love language common to both of you, so my advice is to learn to feed the love language common to both of you. If its companionship, spend more time together and grow your relationship, if its sexual intimacy, spend more time enjoying yourselves and drinking from your own fountain! If its spiritual intimacy, enjoy praying and fellowships together, when you feed the love language common to both of you, with time, the others like unconditional love and acceptance, Encouragement plus affirmation will follow and your marriage will be better for it.

Learn to be sensitive to the needs of your spouse. Try and meet this need but mind you, only God can satisfy the need of everyone. So discern and help your spouse. A common example is when you know your spouse is out of cash and you have and pretend you don't have or he/ she knows you have and you would rather spend it on yourself than share. This is common with women but men do it too. You are one, so you must have and do things in common.
Note: if one person is a spend drift, manage the situation

Learn to grow together. Groom your spouse in the area where you think they are deficient, instead of condemning them. From hygiene issue to cooking, better communication etc. Don't leave your spouse behind, make sure you help to groom them and make him/her a better person you will be proud of.

Remember its a new month, start your month by thanking God for keeping you and your family despite all the challenges you faced. Don't forget to schedule your date for the month using your wedding anniversary. Enjoy your marriage God's way. God bless and help us all.

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