Friday, September 7, 2012


I had a chat with a friend today about people's attitude to men and women of God around them. I see a lot of people that are blessed by people's ministry but will never support these men and women, financially or otherwise. All these people do, is to take and not bless their pastors, prophets or men/women of God that God has put round them. They are not sensitive to their needs or that of their family and all they know is to come and receive prayers, teachings, anointing without blessing them in return. Some do not even take time to pray for them, their families and their ministries.

Some go to them for prayers and when the prayers are answered, they do not even go back to say thank you, not to talk of appreciating the men/women in cash or kind. The attitudes of people have made many men/ women of God to remain in paid jobs when thy should obey God and be winning souls, as they would rather work and meet their needs than resort to begging.

I know many General overseers that have no business being Pastors of churches, but because, they can not meet their needs and with no support, they end up with churches, so they can get people to meet their needs through tithes and offerings from members, but the truth is that this needs are to be met by those they have been blessings to.

This issue has been so strong in my heart that as I was meditating on it, the story of Nabal, David and Abigail came to my heart. I had to do a quick search in scriptures and found the story in 1 Samuel 25. As I read, I was surprised at the deep revelation from that scripture. I have always read Abigail's story as that of a woman married to a fool but yet stayed married, she happens to be one of my favorite female character in the bible. Whenever I have the opportunity to teach women, I tell them to be like Abigail who spoke to the King in David and later became his wife, but today I saw this scripture in a different light from the point of being generous to those that have helped us or blessed us as men and women of God.

Indeed, some of them labour over us, praying, fasting, and visiting, yet when those testimonies come in form of a change in status we see them as nuisance coming to beg. I pray God will grant us wisdom to be like Aaron and Hur, in Exodus 17:8-13, men and women that understand what it was to uphold men and women of God in prayers and in all ways, supporting them so that they fulfill the call of God in their lives.

Every body will not own a church, but everybody has been called to be a blessing. We have all been blessed to be blessings so are you blessing the men/Women of God around you? It's not just about money, but money will go a long way. Mind you, do not bless them to ensnare them. Be a blessing to them, so they can fulfill God's call upon their life.

I really do not know how to write this post because my heart truly goes out to many men/women of God that are struggling to meet their needs...some will ask, did I call them? Mind you, God called them, even Jesus Christ had people that supported his ministry openly and secretly..Lazarus was such a support, that when He died, he had to be brought back alive. Let's do a personal audit and check if we have been a blessing to the men and women of God around us including our Pastors.

Note: The easiest way to enjoy favour is by the things you do..what you sow, you reap. Most known men of God you see "enjoying" have sown seeds, from serving other men of God, to giving dangerously to Kingdom projects and paying their tithes faithfully. As my Pastor will say it..Do not envy my harvest when you do not know what seed I have sown.
To those that have been faithful in sowing and blessing men of God, know that seed time and harvest is sure. I will end this note with this quote from a man of God; "the man of God you gossip about, you don't pray for, the man you pray for, you don't gossip". So even if you cannot sow financial seed, sow a seed of prayer. God help and bless us all.

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