Thursday, August 16, 2012


I saw this post on the wall of my Facebook friend and it was too good not to share. We are definitely in the last days, so we must take heed to sound teachings backed up with God's words as contained in the bible, so we do not fall prey to those that call themselves Prophets, Pastors, Apostles etc but are not . May God help us all.

Understanding the Prophetic ~ Deuteronomy 18:15
[A New Prophet Like Moses ] “The LORD your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your midst, from your brethren. Him you shall hear,

All great prophets have their time in which they are assigned to do great things for God and His people. The truth of the matter is that prophets in the past, you could trace their genealogy, where they started from, who their mentor was; you could check their references, people, family members who could tell you about them. Sadly, this does not hold true for many of today’s prophets and a lot of us are guilty in ministry not to check people’s references or who they say that they really are. Without these checks and balances, we have no way of knowing who and what we are exposing to our members and our congregations. Here we see Moses stating the fact that it is the LORD who will raise up a prophet like himself. It is God who raises up prophets, NOT men! You can go to all the prophetic schools that you want to and pay all the money you want but if God has NOT raised you up, then you are NOT really a prophet.

The word ‘raise’ means to promote, advance, educate, nurture, grow, nurse, develop, enhance, improve and finally introduce. Which means that a seasoned prophet is one who has been through the process; they have paid their dues (a word that many people hate in ministry) but yet is the only way that God raises up people. And the criteria or standard that the next prophet would have to meet would be that of Moses. Now it does not mean that the prophet will be able to necessarily do all the things that he did, but he would have to walk in a level of anointing and integrity that Moses did (very difficult for false prophets to do). And it will not be a mysterious prophet from out of nowhere, but a person who is in your midst that has always had some type of anointing or leaning towards the calling.

Today, there is so much damage because we have all types of people claiming to be prophetic but we have no way to verify their background or who their brethren are. If we contact their family, they would have no clue who we are talking about. There was no question that Jesus was the Son of a Carpenter, everyone knew his trade, everyone knew of his mother and siblings. The only difficulty that people had was that He was now proclaiming to be the Son of God but his background could be VERIFIED. Let us become as wise as serpents (yep Satan was smart!) and harmful as doves in dealing with people who claim to be prophets. Ask the right set of questions, can you verify their callings, who are their mentors, did God raise this person up and finally are they from among your midst. Let us avoid becoming victims of what is not real and take a more proactive and hands on approach as we continue dealing with the office and the gift of the prophetic .

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