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I got more on understanding the Prophetic from my Facebook friend. I love her writings and it was through one of her books from a mutual friend that we became friends. I totally agree with her message, that I want to scream! Lol. Honestly we need to read this and discern why some Prophets come into our lives. I know there are a lot of fake prophets around but I am sure God is still in the business of separating the real from the fake. God help us all.

Understanding the Prophetic ~ 1 Samuel 22:5
Now the prophet Gad said to David, “Do not stay in the stronghold; depart, and go to the land of Judah.” So David departed and went into the forest of Hereth.

Contrary to popular belief that all that a prophet does is to speak and change situations by the voice of God, another major thing that prophets do is to guide and give instructions. In today’s church setting this can be a very difficult thing because many people want to hear the famous words “The Lord has said” when sometimes it is just a matter of instruction or God’s divine wisdom! A lot of prophets played very pivotal roles throughout the life of David such as Prophet Samuel who anointed him and protected him from Saul until he died. Prophet Nathan that announced judgment when he committed adultery and yet in the future helped to facilitate the ascension of Solomon to the throne as well as Prophet Gad who was sent to give him instructions and guidance. Sadly a lot of people are ignorant of the fact that different prophets enter your life at different times for different roles and David was no different. Each of these prophets had specific assignments to fulfill in his life. Samuel was to anoint and protect David to a point. Nathan was to be his conscious and keep him on course. Gad was to ensure that he fulfilled his mission. All these men came with their different personalities and their instructions. Many people today have a problem accepting a prophet unless their pastors gives them permission to (they have not been taught properly on what to look out for when it comes to false or true prophets).

The late prophet whose wife needed a miracle, all that was required by her was to obey the instructions of the prophet when it came to the jar of oil in her house. It is the responsibility of every person to discern the season in which they are in and why a prophet has been sent their way. Every time a prophet shows up in someone’s life it is because there is a need or a situation that needs addressing. For a nation, it is normally to put things back in order and to set the tone for a country-wide revival and spiritual reform. Prophets do not just show up in places because they have nothing better to do nor do they accept every invitation. When it was time for David to depart from place of strength (stronghold) to a place of praise (Judah), God sent a prophet to instruct him and he did not waste any time. A great many people today wants to waste God’s time as well as the prophet. There are prophesies that are time specific and failure to heed to the timing, will make you lose out of on the prophecy. It does not make God ineffective or his prophet a liar, it just means that you were either spiritually arrogant or lazy. And some prophesy do not come with second opportunities.

Let me give a live example. A year ago a person was having a hard time getting a job after being recently married. He called me and in my quiet time, the Lord told me to pray with him before a job interview that he had on Monday and that if I failed, that particular position will be given to another person. I called him and he continued to delay and the day passed. He did all the necessary paperwork, met with the CEO and was guaranteed the job and never heard back from them. He decided to call them and they told him that the position was no longer available, in anger he called the CEO who told him that they had given the position to someone else because he was told that he (the guy did not want it anymore). Then he called me……..Now what the hell, did he want me to do about it??? Start praying again? Noooooooooo! Time sensitive prophesies are just that, TIME SENSITIVE…….now does that mean that God cannot reverse the order, absolutely if the Lord knows that you have been humbled by the experience, He will bring something bigger and better. If not, in God’s mercy (yes mercy), he might still get you a job but with little pay with hopes that you will learn your lesson.

Here is what you should take away from today’s lesson.
a. There are different prophets for different times in your life
b. These different prophets do not carrying the same anointing or grace to handle your issues and do not expect similarities as each situation calls for different anointings.
c. It is YOUR responsibility to recognize the prophets in your life (false and real)
d. There are no prophesies that do not come with INSTRUCTIONS
e. Prophets are NOT jobless individuals
f. Prophets do not accept every invitation because some invitations have a specific time period
g. When given a time sensitive prophesy, move on it immediately
h. It is not the prophet’s responsibility to force you to accept the prophecy that will change your life or your destiny. He/she might try to convince but they should never need to force you, that is your decision and your freewill.

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