Thursday, August 2, 2012


This year 2012, I decided to take a closer look at my financial life, I wrote some financial goals at the beginning of the year, but after attending a seminar organized by Adeolu Akinyemi, one of Nigeria's leading financial coach and Author of fast selling book, Creating Your Wealth Map Today plus other financial experts and coaches, I told myself I had work to do on myself first before writing any goal that will work. Almost six months after, here is my report sheet . Read through and learn something that will take your life to the next level financially.

Here is the current Snapshot of my financial life ;

1. I am learning to be more intelligent financially.

2. I look for opportunities to make money.

3. I have savings now...before I could hardly save as I am a "serial/emotioner giver plus spender" lol. What a

4. I now have financial mentors and I have met people that are interested in learning, networking and being a blessing to others..this is helping me increase my net worth as well...your network is your net worth.

5. I spend less...still a struggle but I am doing great. Lol.

6. I can actually talk about money in the right way... My not having cash to spend does not mean I am

7. I now read financial books plus listen to financial tapes regularly.

8. I am learning how to invest properly.

9. I am now thinking of having multiple streams of income instead of just one stream.

10. I am now thinking of investing beyond my country and in various industry.

11. I now appraise myself financially unlike before! Lol

12. I now keep records of not where I should be with this but I am not where I use to be! Lol. ...i am making progress and all this is possible because I joined a network that is working, if you want to learn more and be more financially. Go to this link and click on it...

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