Thursday, August 30, 2012


I am bothered about Nigeria and Nigerians. I told myself a couple of days back to stop getting involved in things happening in the country for the following reasons.
1. So as not to get depressed from what I see, read and hear.
2. Not to sin against God because most things I read and hear may not be the truth
3. To maintain my sanity as well as help others following me On Facebook, my blog and in real life to maintain their sanity as well.
4. To learn to turn those negative news to prayer points so that God can intervene as He alone rules in the affairs of men.

This has not been easy for me to do because I truly believe what I do here and on my blog is not me but the grace of God working through me to help others. My life goal is to leave everyone that comes in contact with me a better person; be it through a live meeting, my books, my posts or writings. I know I have achieved some level of success in this regard but I still need to do more as the ultimate goal is not just to leave them better but to let them see Jesus Christ in me plus my writing so they can accept Him too as their Lord and Saviour and ultimately walk in His will and way for their lives and make heaven. ( I want to make heaven above making money or being famous...funny as I follow Christ, those things are following me. Lol... I have had some mind blowing testimonies recently that made me know it's all about God and not what i do. I can get things cheaply through my covenant relationship with Him).

So much on my mind to talk about..from Cynthia's case of blaming social media for her death, to the current pornographic picture of a supposedly married woman on display, to the story of the 7 access bank workers that died due to high blood pressure to Debbie, the girl that needed 6Million for cancer treatment, to the introduction of the N5000 bill by CBN and now to the resignation of the Minister of Power in Nigeria Barth Nnaji. Where do I start from? I will start from Cynthia's story and see how far I can go.

Cynthia's case is unfortunate - I saw a young girl full of life and very industrious cut short in her prime, never to dream again or fulfill all the dreams she had. She has left her parents and friends heartbroken but I believe God will heal them. I have a mutual friend with Cynthia who shared her thoughts about her with me, which I can not share here but the sad truth is she is gone. What are the lessons to learn from her death?

1. Everything God created was good including man but the devil comes to destroy so he has used social media as an excuse to do just that.

2. We should be careful who we make friends with in real life or on social media, let's learn to discern people that we allow into our space. I still have over 100 friends request that I have not had the leading to accept. I bless God for social media but at thesame time I try to use it wisely, which includes the information I have here, the pictures, my comments, and posts. I do not pray for evil but we should know the days are so evil and the devil is on rampage to get more people to hell, so he will use every method including people to send others to hell.

3. Always let people know your whereabout, my children knows nothing ticks me off wrongly as much as leaving the house without letting people know where they are going to. It's only a person that wants trouble that leaves the house without informing others about their whereabout and who they are with...till date I can still predict my Dad's movement though he does his "disappearing acts" sometimes. Lol...but disappearing acts most often times will only land us in trouble. We must learn to be honest and open in our dealings with people around us...

I can remember vividly some years back how I saved one of my sisters from dating a married man, they had met in an event and exchanged numbers, she told me about him and we left it at that, later he started calling and then he came around one day, I told her to let him come into the house, as I hate the idea of hiding or standing near the house to talk with snoopy neighbours gossiping! He came in, nice looking, no ring or sign of ever wearing one. he visited her a couple of times and then one day I saw him with a lady and two grown children in church! Wow! Wow! Wow! I made sure he saw me and I called my sister to tell her to ask him, she did and confirmed he was married! Imagine if she hid him from me and if she was the type that believed in premarital sex...God have mercy.

Note - this brings me to the issue of the vibrator alleged to be in Cynthia's possession...and my question is what was she doing with a sex toy? What are our younger ones turning to, as old or young as I am, I have never seen a vibrator live! (Mind you; i am not the best of persons and I have my own past ) but this gives all kind of twist to her story of a good girl.

4. Our youth craze for quick/ fast money: I am still in shock that those guys could go the extent to do that to a fellow human being because of money. Why enjoy fast money here and allow your soul to end in hell. Our society needs to bring back moral values, contentment and hardwork. The rate of crime, and all manner of evil for money has reached an alarming level that I truly believe we are in the last advice is let's all get ready and make sure we make heaven. I want to be rich but not by fraudulent or evil means. I want to do it God's way as His blessings makes rich and adds no sorrow.
I am sure those young men will get the punishment they deserve. They have no right taking another person's life whether by accident or not. Their sins have caught up with them, what they called enjoyment has now brought them pain. I feel for their family. ( Another question in my head is why are they all Igbo boys? This has truly changed my perception about igbos and money issue...I was never one to judge people based on stereotype but this is making me biased. God help me)

5. Shocking as this lesson is, I believe Cynthia's issue got so much attention because her father is or was an Army General. The Police have done a fantastic job with her case but my question is how many other Cynthias have suffered similar fate but nothing was done. How many known cases of rape, extortion and so many other such crime have been reported with it being buried with the culprits at large? But with this, the speed at which the killers was found is commendable but at same time, it shows again that some people are worth more than others just like the plane crash comparison and other accidents that have claimed more lives..while others get the attention of the government because one of their own is involved, the others, die or suffer unsung! Hmmm..Nigeria my country..God help us to know that every life counts and it's worth saving.

Let's pray for Cynthia's family and also for the young men, even Jesus prayed for forgiveness for those that killed him. Another prayer point is that our lives should not be used as a bad example or an example for evil in Jesus name amen.

Note- As much as I love to write on others, I have to stop here for now but I pray I get the leading to finish this. So pray for me if you want to see the concluding part of my thoughts. Lol. God bless Nigeria and may He provoke a truth in us to live right and do right in Jesus name amen.

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