Monday, August 27, 2012


I started this husband and wife gist some days back on Facebook. It's just my random thoughts on various issues as it affects married couples. I pray I keep the gist flowing and who knows what can come out of this? Lol. Enjoy the post and leave your comments.

Husband and wife gist; there is a day every month that is common to couples, this is your wedding anniversary. Make use of that day every month and schedule a date day or night. Go for lunch, dinner, or spend some few hours together alone at home. Take this time to communicate your vision for your home, discuss every thing about yourselves and family. Do this and you will enjoy the dividend of a better relationship.
Note; you can also give yourselves little gifts to mark the day.

Learn to set boundaries as regards your relationship with the opposite sex. You can have friends of the opposite sex but learn to carry your spouse along. Be careful how you spend time with members of the opposite sex, be it at work, church, and your neighborhood...adultery most often times is easy when you are so comfortable in the other person's presence. Watch it lest you fall. Guide and guard your heart, thoughts and eyes. Make sure your guards are up always, lest the devil takes advantage of both of you.
One thing you can do daily is to ask yourself, if you will be happy to see your spouse close to another person as you and this person are close and you can also pray everyday that you will only love, "lust" and long after your spouse. This prayer will help you and also keep you in check.

Have family friends with common beliefs and values. it's been observed over time that your circle of friends can make or mar your marriage. If the friends you have do not believe in the God kind of marriage of being faithful and staying married to one's spouse, then there is every tendency that this can affect your marriage. So it's adviced you maintain close friendship with those that will support you and your spouse when marital challenges come up.

Have marriage mentors that will counsel you when you need wise counsel, men and women of integrity that believe in the God kind of marriage. A couple that can counsel and pray your up when you need help.

Above all, learn as a couple to have a loving relationship with God, learn to make Him the center of your home and joy. Pray as individuals and collectively as a family. Love God, love yourselves and expect the best always.

I pray God will help us manage our homes and lives to the glory of His name


Salt said...

Sisdivine, I hope you posted this to your FB? You have made some truly vital points here.

I cannot say it enough and I mean it from the bottom of my heart, if as a CHRISTIAN woman one of your MAJOR prayer points is that the Lord guard your heart and mind, you will not believe what trouble you can get into. It is not that you won't know wrong from right, you will know and you will even be telling yourself this is wrong BUT by that time you are 'dead' cos from the get go, there was a chink in your armor and you might not have even known it was there. By that time your humanity has taken over your spirituality and it will take only God to save you. The bible does not lie when it says, he who thinks he stands let him take heed lest he fall.

Bridget Elesin said...

My dear Sisdivine, that's what I tell my self daily, let him that think he stands take heed lest he falls! God help us all. Thanks for stoping by.