Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I see a lot of parents struggling with work and caring for their children and it breaks my heart. Men and women are having high blood pressures and other health complications because of lack of rest due to work pressure. I see a lot of men bringing work home after spending the best time of their day at work, they come home tired and when they end up sick, it's the family that suffers. In this day and time, with the present economic situations, I know it's tough to say people should not work but I think it's more important to let us know that it's to our good to take care of ourselves and also to create memories that will last, if tomorrow, God decides our time here on earth is up.

My advice to couple will be that, there should be balance in the home in such a way that one person has flexible time to care for the family or meet family needs on a daily basis especially when they have young children. I believe the tips below will help couples bond more with other members of the family;

Create good memories for your family especially your children; when you love your spouse and it shows, when you respect others, both high and low, when you show kindness to others, when you speak right with life transforming words, when you teach them God's words and help them to have a personal relationship with their maker, when you teach them to make their environment clean plus add value to others, when you spend quality time with them and give them the best of you and not material things only, you are doing just that and with time, all your efforts will pay off.

God help us all to major in the major and not the minor..try and make most weekends, family weekend. Do something new with your spouse and children, and for those trusting God for children, remember God is faithful, thank Him in advance and name your children, very soon people will come to physically celebrate with you.

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