Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I had an interesting conversation with my six year old daughter yesterday, she woke up in the morning and wanted to watch TV and I said she should go and read her bible first before watching Tv, she took her bible and read for some time and told me she was done reading, and I asked her to tell me what she had read, she told me she read about the genealogy of Jesus Christ and I asked her to explain, she told me it was about those that gave birth to those that gave birth to Jesus Christ, and she went to explain to me, using her late grandpa Akure (what they use to call their Father's dad) and her dad to my son and she said they added some mothers too! Lol.

I was impressed with her answers but I wanted more, so I asked her to read again and give me the names of four women/ mothers in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. She read again and told me; Tamara...I said no, it's Tamar, she now said ok, the 'r' is silent, I said yes. Lol. She read again and said Ruth, I said great, continue...she now read and said " Uriah" . I said no, she said yes, Uriah ...I told her to give me her bible and from Matthew 1:6, I saw that Bathsheba's name was not mentioned but her husband's name... She said that was all, three women instead of four, and I told her to read before Ruth's name to get the fourth name and she did and got Rahab. I told her she was free to watch TV ..after she left the room, I got out all my bibles because this was the first time I was noticing that Bathsheba's name was not mentioned but she was referred to as the wife of Uriah, so I am sure God wanted to preserve Uriah's name for being faithful to the end....

Another thing I noticed was that all the women mentioned had their own story..Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Uriah's wife (Bathsheba) ...Jesus Christ truly had some "ancestors" what a genealogy filled with imperfect people...but God in His mercy brought a perfect man out to save us all...I don't care about your genealogy but I care about where you will end up. Will you make a difference like Jesus Christ and some of His ancestors?

Note - I honestly thought I was helping my daughter that morning, but I was helping myself study more and know more about Jesus Christ and His genealogy. much to study about Uriah and I need to pray to ask God why his name was mentioned and not Bathsheba. Lol.

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