Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am passionate about Nigeria as I am a proud Nigerian. I see a lot of Nigerians living their lives and making the best out of their situation. God has blessed us with so much but we have had challenges with those leading our great nation. The current situations in the country shows we need to pray as a lot of corruption and violence is now making some of us doubt if this country can still remain one. The truth is that what is happening in our country my be beyond us as mere men but it's not beyond God. God is master over all situations and circumstances. We must all rise up and pray. The post below is from a dear brother and friend; Biodun Kolawole. He wrote it in January 2012 and posted on Facebook. I have decided to share, so we all know the importance of praying until something happens to favour all Nigerians. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

Pray for Nigeria by Biodun Kolawole

My heart is heavy for this nation. I believe we are at a major junction in our national history. What we do from here will make all the difference in our lives and in the lives of the children unborn... therefore, we must stand.
We need two legs to be able to stand.
The recent rallies in Nigeria is over time. I am so greatful that we are speaking out at last. We have being quiet for too long. We are beginning to ask questions from our leaders. We cant hide from the realities of the implications of corruption. We cant keep sitting down analyzing in our sitting room and bedrooms. This is the first leg we are working on...
We need to pass the Petroleum industry bill with the senate, That is the real deal, we need to restructure that industry. I think our leaders have so many things to hide. We dont know the truth. There is a reason why senators are not asking about the 1.3 million until we are speaking. Our light come on, our port, our roads, our security, our water, our education and others need to go through major transformation.
But the second leg is crucial. We need to be aware that nothing happens in the physical until it is settled in the spiritual. I know a lot of us are tired of praying because we seem not to see the results yet. That is the enemy strategy, to get us very discouraged so that he can strike us mercilessly as a nation.
The second leg is about the dark cloud over our nation. It's about the spirit of violence seeking abode in our nation.
I wish we can rise up again to do deep intercession, not the microwave prayer for our nation. I remember the days we stayed all night to pray and sometimes all day. We fasted for this Nigeria. How many of we watchmen are still watching like we use to do? I am guilty and returning to my post.

In case you still feel you have done enough, what about this pray till something happen (PUSH). Who killed Abacha for us? Was it our protest and rallies or the international communities?
I think it is more of the prayer of the saint that stirred the people he used. We need to know that By flesh, No man will prevail. We need to imitate the Kenyan christians who drove out the violent spirit to neighboring Somalia. I cant imagine war. it is bad, it has never paid any nation. they all have quiet regret whether it is Iraq, liberia, or the semi state of syria, tunisia, egypt... We need to stand in the place of prayer. A leader can be under a spell and not know until we stand in the place of prayer to win over the spirit over him. We have power. We must use that power we have beyond acquiring the wealth we have, the job we want or the family to keep and many other distractions that the devil has kept in view. If there is unrest in Nation, our career, family and every other things we are running after becomes at risk.This is the time to rise up and stand on our two legs and fight effectively.
my hear bleeds for this nation. I hope we pray enough to experience inner peace and shift this cloud. We can and we must.
It is well with our nation.

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Modupe, Learning From Books... said...

Bridget, thank you for posting this. We do need to pray, but not in a business as usual way. Rather, like David would do before stepping out to battle. From a place of humility, we need to ask God, What does He see and know which we do not? What strategy would He have us employ in this battle for the soul of our nation. I too will return to my place of prayer and watching.