Friday, July 13, 2012


So much to write about and heart is heavy because of the way some people treat their spouse..remember it's a case of what you made me. If that woman becomes indifferent to you, ask yourself what have you done to groom her, what words do you tell her? I find it strange when I hear couples insulting and calling themselves names, even if your wife or husband is behaving unreasonable, it's better to call them the names you want to see them exhibit...if she/ he is not sexy, call her/him sexy, if they act foolishly, call them wise. If they talk too much, call them quiet...the bible says whatever Adam called every living creature was what they were named. Genesis 2-19.

I believe some people have to go for real marriage counseling, I don't care how many years you have been married, if you are not one with your spouse, in every way, you need help. As for men that still hit their wife, (wives) I truly believe you need help spiritually, physically and medically. I can never wrap my head round or understand why a man will think hitting a woman is okay. God forbid it and may I and those around me not experience this in Jesus name amen.

Where is love in a marriage, where is romance, where is understanding, where is togetherness, coming home and knowing your wife or husband is there to share your joy, pain, headache. Where is the right words? Where are couples that will be wise and not compare their spouse with others. Where are couples that will encourage each other to be their best, where are couples that will be friends and can play, pray, make love and forgive each other for sins that can break their marriage just because they understand what forgiveness is... Where are people that are ready to be married and stay married. I honestly don't know how to write this post but God knows my heart, some people deserve better than what they are getting in their marriage, some people are too young to be facing serious marital issues and interference from In-laws, friends and other parties. We all deserve the best in our marriage (s).

So what do I suggest we do to make our marriage relationship work; it's time to appraise your marriage relationship. It's time to stop the blame game like Adam, saying the woman you gave me made me do this. It's time to stop blaming the devil for your own lust and unruly actions, it's time to make that change, it's time to get help in whatever form except in diabolical ways, it's time to listen to your spouse, its time to work on your character flaws and weaknesses, it's time to pray and it's time to decide to make your marriage work.

Marriage is God's idea, no matter what your relationship with your spouse looks like now, God can heal your marriage and make it beautiful. I sincerely pray for everyone going through challenging times in their marriage, may God help you and comfort you on every side in Jesus name amen.

We must know that no marriage is perfect, mine is not as my husband and i are "work in progress" but i can say confidently that we are making continous efforts through the help and mercies of God to make our marriage what God intends marriage to be and i know God will continue to help us. If you need help with your marriage, and you want to be real and make things work, you can reach me on God help and bless us all.

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Salt said...

I have come to look at my life as a sort of 'proving ground' in the hand of God. Good or bad, He wants me to truly grasp the extent of his power. I tell you, there is NO situation God cannot turn in your favour. I have lived it. I know this deep in my gut. As my sistadivine has said, go to him and let him help you out. The Kingdom of God can never crumble. Neither should your marriage. Don't let the devil win. Please.