Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Marriage Breakers Association and Marriage Strengtheners Association (MBA and MSA holders). The MBA members want to see your marriage in trouble. They can be family members, friends, colleagues, pastors, church workers and members, business partners and neighbours, they allow the devil to use them in diverse ways to tear homes apart, a lot of them claim to be christians and in jezebelic fashion pray evil prayers for couples to separate, they pray for men and women to enter into error and are like Delilah seducing unguarded men and women to fall into sexual sin making sure they are finished like Samson.

A lot are in our churches and offices praying that Pastors and men in prominent positions will lose their wives, so they can take over their place. I pray for any married woman here that is under such siege from church members and other women that want to take over your husband and home..you will not be a Vashti, you will not be replaced by a sorceress, no bond woman will take your place. You will eat what you have labored for, your home shall grow from strength to strength in Jesus name amen .

The MBA that are family members never see anything good in the man or woman, they manipulate situations to make couples fight, they can be parents of the couples , siblings , Pastors and even friends interfering to cause more harm than good. I pray for every couple with such people around them that God will cause a separation from such people according to the order of Abraham and Lot in Genesis 13. I pray for wisdom for every husband and wife in such situation as through wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established.

The MSA are those that help to strengthen your marriage in every way, they pray for you, support you and delight to see your marriage grow from strength to strength. They can be parents, siblings, friends etc. They are always there to assist you in any way to build up your home. My prayer is that God will bless them all and cause them to enjoy all the good they have sown into various homes.

My sincere prayer today is that we will all look at ourselves and check if we fall under any of this categories. If you are a member of MBA, be warned as God will fight you as marriage is His idea and an institution ordained by Him. I always tell ladies especially single ones that go after married men that they find these men more desirable as someone has taken time to work on these men and made them better like gold and diamond. My advice, look for your own man and do the work...many married women have labored over their husbands and homes, so do not incur the wrath of God by being a marriage breaker. For relatives and friends that are interfering and causing problems, be warned as God will fight you too. The bible says a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to the wife, please let the couple cleave and live in peace. For those that are their own trouble; Mamas and Papas boys/girls plus friends of the world, learn to resolve your issues with your spouse, stop telling tales about, work on yourselves and enjoy your marriage in peace...enjoy the husband and wife of your youth.

I pray God will bless the Marriage Strengtheners, may you never lack help in your homes, may God give every one of you, the strength and wisdom to build lives and homes always.
May God help us all to take heed to these words and be better persons. I pray for everyone of us here with the right motives for marriage and towards happily married people that Psalm 23, 91, Galatians 6-17, will speak for us always. God will cause our joy to be full.

If you are saved, God has obtained eternal redemption for us by the blood of Jesus Christ, so we will enjoy God's goodness as children of God; married or single people living according to the will of God in Jesus name amen.

Note- if you are not saved, you are not safe, so take this opportunity and invite Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Saviour. Ask for the forgiveness of sin and thank God for saving you.
I await our testimonies.

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