Sunday, June 24, 2012


My husband and i have been thinking of starting a marriage mentoring group. We have seen enough to know that the devil is against marriages and most of us have allowed him to dictate things in our marriages forgetting marriage is God's idea. There is no marriage without challenges. In our 9 years, of marriage, I have seen situations that would have made me give up but no, it's not in my DNA or that of my husband to quit as its a life time commitment. We have gone through challenging times and God has made us better. For 8 years, we never saw a need to call a third party into our marriage affair, but we later realized that for our future together, we will need people that have been in the marriage business longer and are godly plus real to mentor us.

We have located one couple and another bigger brother, that we are accountable to. I have seen the difference marriage mentors can make in a marriage and my prayer is for every couple to prayerfully consider having one or two older couples that believe in the institution of marriage God's way and go to them for mentoring. As a couple, you can also help yourselves by reading good marriage and relationship books and above all pray for yourselves always. These are evil days and we must fight for our marriages, using God's words. As for the singles, please look well before you leap and submit yourselves for counseling, I and my husband had the previlege of counseling with over 4 married couples and today we are better for it.

To have the garden of Eden marriage as God intended, make God the bedrock of your marriage, add true friendship, unconditional love as seen in 1 Corithians 13, the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 plus divine forgiveness, as we say in my home, we have forgiven each other forever! Two forgiving people living and enjoying the love and grace of a forgiving God. I honestly don't know why God led me to post this but if someone here will give that marriage a second chance and learn to let go and let God, then my work here is done. I pray that God will keep our marriages and scatter every plans of the enemy through any man or woman to separate us in Jesus name amen.
Warning- Please Keep away from MBA- Marriage Breakers Association! Lol. (these can be family members, relatives, friends, neighbors, colleagues and even your spiritual leaders ) Selah.

Note- Titus 2 is worth reading and don't forget to get marriage mentors. You will thank me later.


Bernnie said...

Av been going through your blog and I think you have some wonderful posts on marriage. I was wondering if you could let me share them with others (in print, that is) while giving you credit for it. it is yours.


Bridget Elesin said...

Thanks for your kind words Bernie, you are free to share and give me credit. I normally give credit to the writers for articles that are not originally mine, so I am sure, you will be able to spot those that are my original articles. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Keep up the great work. Nice piece!