Monday, June 18, 2012


A lot of people want the best but are not ready to develop themselves...they want the best in their marriage and want their marriage to succeed and my question is how many marriage books, do you buy and read? How many marriage seminars, both paid for and free have you attended? Do you take time to pray for your marriage? Pray for your spouse and children ? How many true and godly mentors, have you sat with, that is investing in you? So if you don't develop your self, how do you think you can get the best?

This same question goes in the area of finance, how many books have you read on finance? What financial actions are you taking? Do you save or eat all your money? Do you pay tithe, do you sow into kingdom projects and other people's dreams?

There is a price to pay for success, success does not happen by chance or luck, you have to prepare and when the opportunity comes, you take it and make the best out of it. Too many people today in our world want the easy way to the top, life can be cheap if we do what is needed to make it cheap but remember no man can pay the price you need to get to the height of success you want.

You must do all it takes to succeed in your area of interest. These days i see a lot of people that want a short cut to the top, they want microwave success but the truth they must know is if you want to succeed in life, you must develop yourself. Any one that is a true success has invested in diverse ways to get that result.
Kindly do me this favor;

1. Set clear goals about what it is you want to succeed in and start taking actions.

2. Seek out people that are where you want to get to in your life, relationship, business,career, marriage, etc. These are mentors that will invest their time to train you. Mind you, be willing and ready to learn.

3. Invest in yourself, get materials that will help you, read books, listen to tapes, do researches that will help you in your area of interest. Attend seminars, volunteer to help those that are doing well in the area you want to succeed, so you can learn more

4. Seek God with all your heart as He knows your end from your beginning.Go to Him in prayers, read His words and claim His promises as it relates to your heart desires.

5. Be ready to teach others what you know as this truly makes you a success. Know that any successful person without a successor is a failure.

You will succeed as you pay the price. See you at the top.

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