Monday, June 18, 2012


It's over two weeks after the Dana air crash that took the lives of 153 persons on board and unspecified number of persons on ground. More terrorists bomb attacks have been recorded in various parts of Northern Nigeria killing unspecified number of people, not to talk of lives that have been lost through road and other avoidable accidents last week and weeks before.

Only God can rid Nigeria of blood thirsty men and women. As we enter this new week, let's know that our stay on earth is temporal. Where will you spend eternity if death comes calling? Those that died are gone but they live ahead in our future, depending on where they end up and where you will end up. Heaven and hell is real whether we choose to agree or not. This week, let's do the following;

1. Take your walk with God seriously, be sure of where you will spend eternity. Also make sure your spouse and children are sure of where they will end up after their time here on earth.

2. Pray for those that are bereaved, you do not want to know what some are going through now...some don't see a reason to live after this, some are already going through hell from unreasonable in-laws and outlaws. Some are still in shock. Pray that God will console and comfort them plus send them help in Jesus name.

3. If you know any one that is bereaved, kindly help to support them, this you can do through your physical presence, a call, a mail or text message, help them financially as well. God bless you as you do so.

4. Start thinking of ways that we can put things right in our country. It's obvious our government can not help us the way we want to be helped. Be the change you want to see, do right in every area you find yourself. If you can afford to set up relief centers, if you can afford a food kitchen or bank, if you can afford to buy emergency materials and train others on how to respond to emergencies, this is the time to do so. Even if it's to have a gathering where you and others will pray for Nigeria and Nigerians, it will be appreciated.

4. Let's take time daily to bless Nigeria and speak God's words to her. Everyday I say Nigeria, evil men and women will not rule you again. I say this because I have a biblical understanding that when the righteous rule, people rejoice but when evil men rule, people weep. Let's pray for the church to be relevant again and pray that God will raise reformers and change agents in every sector in Nigeria.

5. Pray that affliction will not arise a second time and pray that every man and woman in position of leadership that has entered into a covenant with the devil to donate innocent blood for power be disgraced and removed. May their own blood be donated instead, may the earth require the blood of the innocent from them in Jesus name amen.

6. Pray that your life will not be cut short. Speak Psalm 91, 121 and Galatians 6-17 over you and your loved ones. Read Psalm 57 and Isaiah 57.

7. Thank God for a new Nigeria, where every life is valued, where the system works and where every one puts in their best to make sure we all make progress and move forward. God bless Nigeria and God bless us all.

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