Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This is a post that was written as a result of happenings around me and a health talk I heard recently. I pray we take our health issues seriously as it is said that "Health is Wealth". I pray we enjoy divine health always in Jesus name amen. Enjoy the post and take the tips below seriously.

People are dying daily from preventable causes. Please let's take our health issues seriously even as we pursue money in the hustle and bustle of every day living. Its the person in great health that can enjoy their wealth.

Take note of these points to help you live a better life, health wise;

1. Watch what enters your mouth. Eat right especially as you age, cut down on sugar, and processed food. Eat in moderation. Eat more of fresh food and fruits. Cut down on salt and never use uncooked salt on already prepared meals.

2. Drink water as this is the best drink. If you must take other drink apart from water, do so sparingly.

3. Exercise regularly. Take long walks, skip, dance, find something you enjoy doing as a way of exercise.
Note - I know for guys, sex is something they will say they use as exercise, if your wife agrees to be your gym instructor, why not! . Add that to running down your stairs 10-15 times and you are good, as fit as a fiddle! Lol.

4. Take supplements, your body needs them, get your Doctor to help with prescription on daily supplements to take.

5. Do regular health check once or twice yearly, this is very key especially for Christians, prayers should not take the place of medical checkups, as you pray, be wise to do the right thing.
Note- let us try and avoid self medication. Go to the hospital once your health issue persist.

6. Be positive in all you do. Think positive and good things. Listen to good music, laugh and enjoy your life.

7. Prayer is key. God's wish is for us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers. So pray and speak life over your health and well being .

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