Friday, May 25, 2012


I was told by a friend about a video in circulation in Nigeria showing a five year old child and a twelve year old girl in acts that can only be classified as pornography. I am sure an adult recorded the child porn video currently in circulation. I have refused to watch it as I don't have the stomach for such evil. My advice to parents is "we must all wake up and be alive to our responsibilities" After listening to what my friend had to say about the video, I called my children and told them no more sleep overs till further notice! Right now I am so vexed in my spirit about that video. Whoever recorded that evil video is cursed already and only God can deliver him/ her. It's time to deliver our children from the evil, the devil and his agents want to unleash on our young ones. My advice to us all..

1. Watch and pray for the days are evil.

2. Mind who you leave your children with.

3. Know what your children are watching and who they are friends with.

4. Be friends with your children, talk to them plus pray for them always that their destinies will not be contaminated or corrupted.

5. Buy Praise Fowowe's family kit materials and know how to teach your children sexuality education plus how to avoid sexual abuse/abusers. You can go to to find out more about sexuality education

6. Join us online today by clicking on by 9pm Nigeria time to listen to Praise Fowowe and Temitope Adeolu-Akinyemi talk on how we can protect our children from child sexual abuse. We all need to know how we can raise sane children in a sexualized world. ( if you get to read this post after this day 25-5-2012, it will be too late to watch this particular webinar but you can join us online every Friday on the same link as issues of Finance and Romance are taught).

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7. Let's form alliances with others to fight this evil in our land. It's time to talk about sex and the help we all need to deal with the sexual challenges people are facing. May our children not become endangered species in Jesus name amen

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