Saturday, May 26, 2012


The issue of Child sexual abuse has been brought to the front burner with the child pornographic video currently in circulation in Nigeria. Parents that have seen this video are enraged and a lot of people are asking what can be done and how the person that recorded this video can be brought to book. I believe this video that was meant for evil will be turned to good as parents will wake up to their responsibility in protecting their children from evil. I have decided to do my own part in educating us all and helping parents know, when we empower our children with some vital information, it will help in preventing child sexual abusers from taking advantage of them.

Find below some tips to teach your child about his or her body and statistics to help us know the seriousness of what we are dealing with here. I got it from the Christianah Fate Foundation, a non governmental organization that helps in sexuality education. Read and take the necessary action. If we all choose to do something in our own little corner, i believe we can put a total stop to this evil called child sexual abuse or reduce it to its barest minimum. God help us all in Jesus name amen.

10 Smart rules to help protect children from SEXUAL ABUSE

1. My body is SPECIAL, I must PROTECT it.

2. I have a right to REFUSE a hug from anyone if I feel uncomfortable.

3. I must say NO to anyone who gives me a BAD TOUCH.

4. I must say No to anyone who wants to TOUCH my private part.

5. I need to RUN or GET AWAY from anyone who gives me a BAD TOUCH.

6. I will YELL or SHOUT if someone wants to TOUCH or touches my private body part.

7. I will not TOUCH or PLAY with anyone's private body part.

8. I will say NO and REPORT anybody who asks me to keep a BAD SECRET.

9. I will not PLAY GAMES with my private body part.

10. I will tell my MUMMY, DADDY or any TRUSTED ADULT if anyone wants to TOUCH or touches my private body part. An initiative to protect children from child Sexual Abuse ( EDUCATE - PREVENT - PROTECT ) by CHRISTIANAH FATE FOUNDATION .

Note - World Health Organization Research has shown that 1 out of every 3 girls and 1 out of every 6 boys will have experienced one form of sexual abuse before attaining the age of eighteen.
In 1999, WHO declared child sexual abuse a PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMIC.
In 2004, WHO declared child sexual abuse a major factor fuelling HIV/AIDS and therefore declared it a SILENT EPIDEMIC.
It is estimated that a child is sexually abused every 2 minutes.
1 in 10 homes are involved in child sexual abuse: a leading cause of child prostitution and Teen suicide.
Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere, any time to any child – could be yours!
90% of child sexual abusers are people our children love and trust.
95% children who are abused know the person abusing them.
Child sexual abuse is preventable!
The effects of child sexual abuse is devastating to both parents and child – could have a life time effect.

Let us all keep this conversation going in our communities, let us keeping talking to make sure we get our GOVERNMENT AND OTHER RELEVANT ORGANIZATIONS to listen and put the necessary machinery in place that will help in PROSECUTING child sexual abuse offenders. Do what ever you can to stop this evil from continuing. God bless you and may God protect the children of this generation from the wickedness of evil and vile men and women in Jesus name amen.

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Salt said...

Sisdivine, I heard about and saw this video. It is still giving me nightmares. Really? My first questions was who is taping this? And how come the person did not stop if it was to apprehend the girl who is also a victim to be honest. She can only be doing what was done to her. It is such an evil evil vicious circle and only we parents can stop this. Schools, churches, etc can do their bit BUT personally, I believe that in the society we are living in now, the buck stops with me and my mgm powered by my God. For when God asks about the children he kept in my charge, he will not go to their head teacher or sunday school teacher. He will come to us, the parents.