Monday, May 14, 2012


I believe in God's favour in our lives. From the bible you will know God is a God of favour as He has shown many people His mercy and favour. A shepherd boy in the person of David became a King as God's favour located him, Joseph a prisoner became a Prime minister as God's favour located him. My prayer as we read this post below is that God will show us favour, He will use men and women to favour us in Jesus name. If there is any book on favour I read, it's the bible and my special book of favour is the book of Esther. Try it, read and pray after reading, that same grace and favour Esther found will become your portion in Jesus name amen.

There are 5 ways to attract favor to your business by Lori Robertson

I just finished reading an exceptional book called “The Blessing of Favor” by Kate McVeigh that I highly recommend you pick it up. This was one of the most profound books that I think I have ever read.
The book is basically sharing with you how you can be blessed with favor in all aspects of your life but I want to take a portion of that and share with you how not only you can have it in you life as a whole but using these 5 ways it can turn your business around to more success than you could ever imagine.

1. Pray for favor in your business - Everyday you should pray that you have favor in every aspect of your life and this includes your business. Ask for what you want and it is given. Pray that your business explodes and keep doing it until it does.

2. Recognize and acknowledge favor everytime we experience it – There are signs all around you every single day in your business that is so simple you may miss it but you just have to train yourself to see and believe it. Such as learning a new skill to teach others, getting a FREE e-book that gives you a tip to make your business grow, money from an unexpected source, etc. It is all around you but you have to recognize it.

3. Confess favor on a daily basis – Tell eveyone you know and meet that you have favor in your business especially when people ask you how is your business going. It will bring more to you.

4. Call your favor to you – When you start to call favor to your business it has to show up, it has no choice. It is something in you that will start to look for it. You will start to look for more ways to be more successful.

5. Expect favor – Expect favor each and everyday, expect new business partners, money to start rolling in. Expect to help more people, expect for people to want to do business with you. Expect that you have built the business of your dreams and earn what you believe you are worth. So expect big things.

Note- I (Bridget Elesin) have read the book The Blessing of favour by Kate McVeigh and its a book worth reading. I pray someone here will take these words to heart and run with it to enjoy unusual favour in their business and life too.

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