Thursday, April 5, 2012


My children have become my teachers and every day, there is something to learn from them. Here are four of my favorite lessons from my children in recent times. I pray some one gets a "light- bulb experience" from reading this and may the truth from these words help us all to take the right actions in Jesus name amen.

Two weeks ago, my first daughter was asking her dad, why he has not taught them their "character time" lessons for some time, he replied that he had and she asked him, what he taught them as she could not remember, he told her his last topic during "character time" was "love yourself". She told him, she could remember and went on to hug herself and her sister and brother did same...what that taught me, was its necessary for parents to teach their children to have good self esteem, teach your child to love herself and himself first, when they have this understanding, they will will be secured in themselves. This will help them to face life and its challenges confidently and will also help them not to easily succumb to peer pressure and other pressures that may come their way.

I have seen a lot of people going through life with a defeatist attitude, they have been told they will amount to nothing and they believed who ever said it and walk around with that picture of "I can never do good/right" know this, God made you special and you must see yourself as special and treat yourself special. When you know you are special and should be treated so, anytime, people treat you less than special, you can let them know you are special and will not tolerate being treated less than that.

The message of loving oneself has become necessary as we see a high trend of people being abused in their relationships, most times the abused parties are women, and they sometimes suffer emotional and physical abuse in the hands of their "so called loved ones". If most of this women and men were taught to have good self esteem, they will easily spot an abuser before the relationship moves beyond the ordinary. If you truly love yourself, you will want the best for you and so this will help you in taking right decisions that will help you progress in life.
I pray someone reading this post, will learn to love himself or herself, so when others say they love you, you can tell them I love me too! Lol.

The second lesson is from my son, we bought him a car learning computer toy a couple of weeks back and I honestly thought the computer toy will help him learn his numbers and words but did not realize he could do more with it. Some days ago, his dad, took the toy and discovered it had some accessories that could help him play some word games and help him with answering educative puzzle questions. They both set out to learn and fix the accessories, as my son saw me, he screamed and called my name to look out what he found in his toy computer, half heartedly I told him I saw what he was doing and was walking away as I had other things to do, he stopped me on my tracks by saying " mummy you are not looking, you are walking away" and his dad, added to the conversation by saying your " mummy is not interested", that was enough to make me leave all I was doing to attend to my men! Lol. I learnt more about what the toy can do and the joy and smiles on my son's face was enough reward for me.
The lesson I learnt from him was a lesson in communication; to communicate wholeheartedly, be in the moment of any conversation you are having with those you love and care about. This is a vital lesson for couples as it will help you communicate better when you pay close attention to what your spouse is saying and live in the moment of what is being said, this will make you bond in so many ways thereby enriching your lives and relationship.

The third and fourth lessons learnt is from my second daughter, and her stories are truly hilarious but thought provoking as well.

Two months ago, I came home with a friend of mine to pick up some items before I drop my friend off at her house, as I entered the house, my daughter, came running to hug me and she kissed my stomach, I didn't take note of what she did until I was about driving off with my friend and she ran out to say goodbye to me and added " mummy have another baby" my friend started laughing, and said no wonder she came to kiss your stomach, she now turned to my daughter and told her she will get her wish and I retorted what wish? I told my friend the wish is for her as I will gladly transfer the wish to come to pass in my friend's life! Hahahaaha.

A few days after this, she came to me and was playing with my stomach, she then muttered, "mummy you have a baby in your stomach" I told her no and she asked me why my stomach was big? I told her, my big stomach was as a result of giving birth to her and her siblings. Lol. Her questions got me thinking and i decided to take actions because of what she had said. I went to the hospital to make enquiries about family planning methods and the method that will be suitable for me as I didn't plan on having any more biological children! Imagine my speed to the hospital, as all the motivation I needed to take actions i have been postponing came from my daughter. I was not prepared to hear stories that touch and have an unplanned baby! Lol.
The lesson for me was to learn to listen to unspoken words in a conversation, what are the people around you trying to tell you in words and in their actions? Try and listen plus take actions that will help you and them.

This last lesson is so hilarious that I am laughing as I am typing, my same dear daughter came to me and asked me if I fart? Laughing, I asked her why that question, she said she has never heard me fart and she has heard her daddy plus her siblings, my sister and i laughed so hard at her question, we had tears in our eyes. My answer to her was I fart and everyone farts as God has made it so, but I fart in the toilet as it was a private affair that should not be done to annoy or offend She went about that day singing my mummy does not fart!!!! And I laughingly told her I do. Since that day, I see her running to the toilet to fart! Hahahahahaha
The lesson here is your children are watching your every move and what they see is what they will do, so let's learn as parents to communicate right behaviour to them. It's a lesson learnt from a minor issue of " to fart or not to fart" but it has taught me to be more careful with what I do as a person. It's not just what you say to people, what you do is what they will copy, so I pray we back our words with actions. God help us all .

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Salt said...

Precious are the lessons we learn from our own children. God bless them? Funny enough, in my house, they used to say the same - Mommy does not fart. Lol!