Thursday, April 5, 2012


I heard a beautiful testimony about being persistent in prayers some days ago and I am led to share it. A Pastor said a young man visited him and told him, his sister and the husband were on the verge of a divorce and that the born again husband of his equally born again sister, just woke up one day and asked her to pack out of his house, as at the time the young man met the Pastor, the sister's husband was not eating the wife's food and was keeping malice with her. They had become cat and mouse in their home. The Pastor said he held the young man's two hands and prayed with him and asked him to go to his sister and hold her two hands and pray for her as well, that God will show her what to do.

The young man obeyed and travelled down to where his sister lived with her husband and he did as the Pastor told him. Later that day, the sister was led to pray at midnight and she prayed for some hours, after praying she went to her bed to sleep, as she laid down, she saw a short black woman walk out from the wall close to her wardrobe, ( this was either a vision or it was real but it happened as she was not sleeping and dreaming!) and the woman told her that both of them can not stay in the house, its either she leaves or the wife of the house leaves, the wife got vexed in her spirit and told her she will be the one to leave the house. She got up and started praying and she prayed until it was almost morning, she got back to bed and tried to sleep, only to see her husband walk into the room.

He knelt down and started begging her to forgive him as he didn't know what came over him, they made up and he went to her parents and the church to apologize for his previous conduct, and the Pastor said the brother told him they had gone for a second honeymoon. Glory to God! What's my point...don't give up on your marriage, it's time to pray, ask God for mercy and speak peace over your home and marriage. I believe God will restore your home as you pray like the persistent woman in Luke 18-1-8. Remember, the first miracle performed by Jesus Christ in John 2-1-11 was at a marriage feast, so He is still in the business of performing miracles, and all the sweetness you need in your marriage He will provide. Glory hallelujah! I am so excited at what God will do as you pray, if Christ granted the request of demons in Mark 5-8-13, then be sure He will grant your request as you pray. I await your testimonies!

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