Monday, April 9, 2012


I had the opportunity to share at a business meeting for young executives on Easter Monday (April 9 2012) It was time to share what I know and what has worked for me as an entrepreneur, network marketer, blogger, mum and wife. Below are seven keys I spoke on for individuals to put into practice to achieve lasting wealth.

1. Be passionate about making money legitimately- use your gift, its in doing you become an expert, even if you were blessed with the gift of singing, if you don't Practice and train your voice, you may not make money from this gift.

2. Be a wise investor- you must be financially intelligent to know how to turn your gifts/ talent into money making ventures as well as invest the money well, to get more wealth. There are lots of investment opportunities but you must study and have the financial knowledge that will help you make informed decisions. Some of the investment options are real estate, shares, bonds, intellectual properties , being part of a business that will yield money i.e. MLM company.

3. Be wise in spending - learn to plan and budget your spendings- learn to have an account book, where you keep records of your spendings. As money comes, there is every tendency that more needs will arise to help you spend the money, so learn to spend wisely. You must be a good steward of what you have been given. Luke 16-1-12, talks about being faithful in that which you have been given, because you stewardship will determine if you will get more.

4. Be God's financial partner and be generous in giving- tithe and sow seeds, make sure to give towards God's work, learn to bless others. People like Rockefeller that had foundations, set this up to bless others, they are dead now but still remain blessings to others.

5. Be wise to avoid debt and not eat your future before it comes- a lot of people have driven their future by buying cars with loans from the bank , they enter into debts by borrowing to satisfy unnecessary needs. We must learn to avoid such and save more to invest.
Note- you must learn to live within your means, remember that the borrower is a slave to the lender. Proverbs 22-7.

6. Be prepared for opportunities- keep learning, keep training yourself to do better, as an "expert" earns more. Proverbs 6-6-11 is worth reading, it talks about the ant preparing in summer, so that at winter, they have food stored for use.

7. Be wise to surround yourself with friends of purpose- this means relationship is key to your destiny or purpose in life. Some individuals will help you achieve more in your life, while others can make you lose focus. Who do you spend your time with? Are they making progress in their lives; spiritually, financially and in all ways that matters to you? Remember your network can determine your net worth and vice versa.

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Pamela Evbota said...

fantastic!! i will read this over and over again. Simple and yet powerful words you have spoken here. Thanks for sharing