Saturday, March 10, 2012


The month of March is one of my favorite month of the year, it's my birth month as in a few hours, i will be a year older to the glory of God. God has been faithful to me and mine, despite the attacks of the devil, God has proven to me over and over again that He is too faithful to fail.
As its my usual tradition every month, i trust God for a theme, to run with for the month. I got the theme for the month as my husband and I were praying together on the 1st of March, as he prayed, the words of a new level came and the scripture was Ezekiel 47-1-12, this scripture talks about Ezekiel's encounter and the water level, what i could get in my spirit man as i read the scripture was that the water being measured, rising from the ankle to the knees, to the loins and then becoming water that could not be passed over, means we are marching forward this month from one level to another to the glory of God, and when we get to our new level, there will be positive impact just as the water brought healing to things that it came in contact with.

I sat down to meditate on what it will take to progress to this new level and got these five points that i believe will help someone reading this post if put into action.

1. Take Stock - The month of March is the third month of the year, meaning this month ends one quarter, so ask yourself how have you fared with your goals these past two months, what have you done to make your written goals become reality ? What can you do
and who can you meet that will help make your goals come alive? Take stock and do the needful when and where necessary.

2. Take actions and be focused - You need to take positive actions this month, what can you do differently to bring about the results you want? Which book do you need to read? Which seminar do you have to attend? Which of your mentors do you need to sit with to learn from? if you take action and keep your focus on what you are doing without being distracted, I believe you will enter your next level

3. Manage yourself and your emotions - A lot of us have remained on one spot because we can not manage ourselves and emotions. Some of us have spoilt our opportunities with others as a result of this. Are you given to emotional outburst? Gossip? do you get angry every time, things don't go your way? Can you be trusted to deliver what you promise to deliver when given a job? Can you be trusted to see an assignment through from start to finish? are you responsible? Do you react negatively when you are under pressure? Do people know your trigger button and can press these buttons for you to misbehave? Carefully go through these questions and answer them truthfully, so you will know if you are qualified for your next level.

4. Build character - This is very key, character is said to be who you truly are when nobody is watching. So who are you? Is what you portray consistent with who you really are? Do people hear something from you and you do the exact opposite? I believe a lot of us are still on one spot because of this. You can deceive man but you can never deceive God as He is the one that promotes and not man. So if you truly desire your new level, let your character be consistent with who you three favorite examples on character are three men from the bible, Joseph, Samson and Daniel. You can read up Joseph's story from Genesis chapters 37, 39 to chapter 47 , Samson's from Judges chapter 13 - chapter 16 and for Daniel's story, read the book of Daniel. Two of these men; Joseph and Daniel had impeccable character that took them to their next level but Samson had a questionable character which terminated his life. I strongly believe if most of us can build character, we will enter our next level.

5. Build your relationship with God- This is the most important but I have decided to save the best for This is not the year to play church or religion, this is the time to study God's word and put those words to action. To get to your next level, you have to trust God and His words. You must take your prayer life seriously. You must go beyond the microwave type of prayer and enter into real prayers. A man called Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4- 9-10, got serious with God and rejected the name of sorrow attached to him, that was another way of being on one level for years, but He cried out to God and His story changed. Someone reading this post has to go back like the prodigal child to God, someone needs to war with the words of God for his/ her next's time someone get serious and say like Jacob to God; I will not leave you until you bless me and dont forget, it pays to also have people that will support your walk with God. Friends that will pray you up and forward, encouraging you spiritually as you move to your next level... Welcome to March 2012 and to a new level!

PS- its my birthday on the 11th of March, please pray for me. My greatest desire is to know God and live out His perfect will. Pray for the extras that come with seeking first God's kingdom as

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