Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday February 18 2012, the entire world was in church for over three hours because of legendary singer Whitney Houston's home going service.

The singer died on the 11th of February 2012. Whitney Houston had a phenomenal voice which made her to have hit songs after hit songs making her one of the most "awarded" music artist in history.

Whitney Houston started singing at a young age being the daughter of a singer. The influence of her mum, her aunt, Dionne Warwick and honorary Godmother Aretha Franklin was evident as she took to music and found her place there. From being a model at a young age to being an accomplished singer and actress, Whitney had her fair share of fame and then came Bobby Brown. Till date, there are still questions about her getting married to Bobby Brown, who a lot of people see as a thug not good enough for Whitney Houston, but she did marry him and continued in the marriage with stories of drug abuse and philandering making the rounds plus predicting doom for them. This eventually happened after sometime with a Daughter to show for their love and marriage.

The end came for Whitney Houston five years after her divorce, she had staged a come back, and was getting help with her drug issues.. She is gone today but here are some lessons I learnt from Ms Houston's life.

1. She was a gifted child that developed herself with the help of those I will call her uncommon mentors ie her mum, Aunt Dionne Warwick, God mother Aretha Franklin and Clive Davis. Whitney had an unusual gift, and with her Baptist upbringing, she continued on the good girl path and was almost scandal free until her marriage.

2. Marriage will make or mar you, it's said that love is blind but my advice is for those getting married to see well...marriage will bring the best or worse in any person, if the speculation that Whitney was already into drugs before Bobby Brown was true,then he added to it, that instead of her quitting, it was taken to a new and dangerous level.

3. Decisions determine destiny; the decision to marry Bobby Brown, remain with him, continue in drugs and eventually die some years after her divorce, shows me marriage is not for unstable people, love can start marriage but wisdom plus common sense and above all God is what will sustain it. I can not judge Ms Houston's decision as regards marrying Bobby Brown but I still feel, if she had listened to others around her plus have a deeper relationship with God that time, this may have been its said in the multitude of counsel there is safety.

4. She was a role model; People in her industry looked up to her, people like Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson and so many other female artistes can trace their own fame to listening to Whitney sing. She was unique and gave her best performance all the time that even in death, she gave one last performance that took the entire world to church.

5. God orchestrated her last chapter; I believe she started with God, made her decisions and got estranged from Him but she finally made it home as was evident from her home going service. God wrote a brand new chapter to Whitney Houston's life, she died empty, living millions with beautiful and inspirational songs, inspirational movies plus a Jesus Christ that gave her the gift she blessed mankind with.

Though she is gone, she has challenged a lot of us to stay true to what God has called us to do and to live a life where Jesus Christ will be Lord forever! Good night Ms Houston...we will always love you but God loves you more!

Note - My prayer goes to her daughter; i pray she will not make the mistakes of her mother and God will keep her plus give her a beautiful life. I also pray that God will console and comfort her family and fans in Jesus name amen.
I will leave my readers with this question, what will be your last chapter? Judas had a last chapter that made him hell bound, but a thief beside Jesus Christ during his crucifixion had his last chapter written as heaven bound! What will yours be?

Read Matthew 27-3-5, Luke 23- 39-43.

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Pamela Evbota said...

I love this post! just reading it sends shivers down my spin.
What will be my last chapter? it is an important question we all need to ask and answer for ourselves.
During the service for Whitney i kept checking to be sure i was on CNN. The whole world went to church because of Whitney and i when her song was played at the end i just couldnt take it anymore. It was one unique funeral that i havent witnessed before. I hope we all learn from the life and funeral service of whtiney. We will always love you.