Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This post is dedicated to Christopher Plummer, who in the 2012 Oscar awards won an Oscar for best supporting actor in his role in the film "Beginners". Mr Plummer who started his acting career in the 1950s starred in the evergreen musical movie " The Sound of Music" as Captain Von Trapp, the widowed man with seven children who later married the governess of the children, Maria, a nun.

Christopher Plummer was born on December 13 1929, in Toronto Canada and has been in the movie industry for over six decades, and despite his works in the film industry, he has only been nominated twice for the prestigious Oscar award and he eventually won the award making him the most senior actor to win the award at age 82.

A dear friend and brother Mr Yomi Fawehinmi gave me a reason to write this post with a Black berry message, he sent to me after the Oscar award to share three lessons on Christopher Plummer's award. Here are his three lessons;

1. It's not late to start winning awards- start working at it and your award is around the corner.
2. You should never write anyone off as there is hope , even at 84 years and
3. If you didn't win an award as the youngest person to do something, you can win as the oldest person and my own personal lessons are;

1. Keep doing your best, at all times, one day people will notice and give you the recognition you deserve. Mr Christopher Plummer never stopped putting his best into his craft, he kept doing his thing and finally the award came.

2. I believe that in old age, we will bear forth fruit, so Mr Christopher Plummer fulfilled scripture in his own way by winning the award as a senior citizen.

My sincere advice to my readers and I is to know its never too late to learn new things. Write that book, sing that song, go back to school, say yes to that man and marry legally, say no to sin and yes to accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior..it's never too late to win an award like Christpher Plummer....my guy from the sound of music!

Note- Thanks Prof Yomi, I am sure you never knew he was one of my all time favorite actor, when you sent that message. I have his name in my head and I am sure I have given him an award for the sound of music as a child. Lol..For your information, this same film gave him more than the Oscar award, He also won a Golden globe, A Screen actors guild award and a BAFTA award which is the British equivalent of the Oscar awards...indeed it's a great year for Christopher Plummer

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