Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 - Month of Change

It's two weeks down the month of February and here I am, just writing my post for the month. God help me; I have written daily post in my head but never got to share them here. Lol

My prayer for myself and my readers is that this month we will "change". To change is to make or become different. To me, it's to become better in all areas of our lives as it is said that the only constant thing in life is CHANGE!
I believe there are areas we can make or become different in our lives. Theses are some of the areas I am making changes in my life and I hope you too will look at this and locate areas in your life where you need to change.

1.My Spiritual life- as we all know, we are spirit beings that live in a physical body, so as we feed the physical body, we must feed our spirit man. The best food for the spirit is God's manual for mankind, which is the bible. I have chosen to spend more time with God's words this year, not just reading the word but meditating on it and putting it to work in my life. I have resolved also to pray more so help me God as I discovered that in praying, I become so intimate with God that He releases His power and grace unlimited upon me. I have also told myself I will read books that will build my life and also learn from others that understand spiritual matters and have true relationship with God.

2. My physical life - I have resolved to eat less and eat healthy; fruits, vegetables and those items classified as healthy.Lol. I love food sha! According to my friend Tobe, food is God's love made edible! Lol. I have resolved to drink more water, cut down on sweet things, exercise, even if it means just climbing up and down the stairs or dancing my crazy leg dance! Lol. I will start taking supplements as I am getting younger and older at thesame time! I will eat early and do my best to trim my famous belly fat...hey don't go looking at my tummy when next you see me cos you will be fined for committing "lookery" hahahaaha. I have also resolved to dress better and more lady like..this is a struggle for a "Tom-boy plus i dont care about fashion girl like me" but God can change anyone, so He is changing me! Lol
I promised "me" that this year I will pamper myself by going to the spa every quarter and yey me! I had my first spa date a couple of weeks back and it was awesome. ( I actually wrote this as my goal for this year and it came to pass! Take a hint and write your goals if you have not done so). Anyways, the general gist here is to do good with myself, look and feel good!

3. My home- This is deliberately making a change as a wife, mother, daughter and sister. I have resolved to spend more time with my destiny helper (MDH or my dear husband as some people assume the words to be). Lol. I observed that with time and the children, all the little games we used to play that helped us communicate better with each other was becoming extinct, and in my opinion, marriage needs constant and deliberate work from both parties. So by God's grace, it's a better relationship so we both fulfill destiny and help those God will bring our way to mentor as regards marriage.
As for my children,they know I do my best to be a good mum, but as my three year old son will always say; "mummy you are shouting" it means that has to go! Lol. Being a mum can be challenging but with "God and my weapon" prayers, I will raise Godly seeds that will bless generations to come in Jesus name amen!
Concerning my siblings, parents plus family friends, I have resolved to be there for them and support them in any area they need my help but above all, I have chosen to commit them and their issues to God more instead of trying to play God! Lol

4. My Finance - I have resolved this year to be a better manager of my finance. Early this year, i set a target for myself and I am sure heaven recorded it and with what I have experienced so far, by the end of the year, i trust God that i will have cause to say I am on my way to financial freedom.
I have so many plans to put in place from the financial conference I attended that was organized by a multilevel marketing company, called Avenues to wealth that I joined. The information I got there was priceless and with that knowledge, my spending habit is changing, i am learning to save more, I am looking out for opportunities to make money as well as invest to earn passive income. I am building myself by reading financial books written by people that have "walked the talk" and above all, I am enjoying this new financial knowledge that I have and I am so willing to share this information with those that will commit to taking actions.

5. Relationships - I have chosen this year not to cast my "pearls before swines" so some toxic relationships and the peope will have to go! Lol. I have resolved to make friends with those that I share the same values with. I have resolved to be protégés to those I can learn from and be committed to those that are ready to be mentored by me.
This is not a year for my usual kind of friendship, I am getting younger and older, lol, so I know to an extent who should remain in my circle. I have resolved like Jesus Christ to have my 12, and 3 as regards friends, ( number 1 spot has been taken by my husband, he is the beloved! Lol)so I am still praying to get them in the order of Jesus Christ! Lol

6. Ministry - This is my life; to make people better than I met them, be it through my writing, speaking or giving, I have resolved to live like Christ, i am preparing like John the Baptist in the wilderness school! Lol. Some of the challenges I have gone through shows that God is taking me somewhere and my prayer is that I will not fail God and those He will bring my way in Jesus name amen.

7. Laughter and Fun - I have resolved to be myself, love myself and the assignment God has given me, so I will go through every stage laughing and being Bridget..or is it "Bridge-it"as my dear family friend Prince calls me? Lol. Well, It's fun God's way for me this season! Lol

Wow! Where did that come from, I guess my style of writing is changing as well. Lol. God bless us all.

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