Thursday, January 12, 2012


Happy new year to us all, it's our year of faith. This is a year like no other as the first two weeks of the year 2012 has shown that this year is a year where absolute faith in God is key.

Our faith in God is a sure assurance that what we hope for this year will be ours, because the God we trust in will give us sure testimonies as He gave the elders of old in Hebrews 11. To enjoy the best of this year 2012, we must do the following;

1. Understand that the world were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. Hebrews 11-3. Let us remember that God spoke things in the earth into being with His words in Genesis 1-1-15, Psalm 33- 6-9. Our reality is what God says and not what our environment or circumstances say. So we must speak to our circumstances and situations this year to conform with God's words.

2. We must be ready for training and mentoring by people of faith this year. In Joshua 2, we see Joshua sending two spies to check out Jericho, it's obvious he had learnt from Moses experience of the spies that were sent to Canaan, and instead of sending many men, he sent just two, who brought good report despite all they went through. We must build our faith by reading the bible and other books that will build faith in us. We must also walk with those that have faith in God as those that walk with the wise will be wise. Remember Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10-17. Move with those that will birth faith in you, move with people I call Elizabeth/Mary, that will make your dream come alive. Luke 1-39-45

3. We must trust God's faithfulness of the Joshua 2-8-11 Rahab told the spies that they heard of what God did to their enemies in the past and were sure of victory for them again. So has God been faithful in the past? Did He come through for you before? then trust Him to come through again. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13-8. What He has done before , He will and can do it again.

4. You must trust God absolutely. Psalm 33-16-17, talks about a King not being saved by the multitude of an army and a horse being a vain hope for safety, but those who trust and fear God, He delivers and keeps from death and famine. Psalm 33-18-19. It's only total trust in God that will make the difference this year. As we pray and ask for direction, we may get strange directives from God but as we obey, He will come through for us in Jesus name amen. Hebrews 11-8-11.

5. We must be persistent in our faith, like Moses as described in Hebrews 11-23-29. Our faith will move mountains this year, if we are also persistent like the woman in Luke 18-1-8. As we trust God and take actions, we will recieve what we are trusting God for in Jesus name amen.

I truly believe as we act on these five faith points, 2012, a year I have nicknamed O.P.P (a year of Opportunities, Possibilities and Power) will be a wonderful year, made possible by our faith. Like Jesus Christ said to Bartimaeus in Mark 10-52, our faith will make us whole this year in Jesus name amen.

Do you know - If we have faith in God, when we ask, believe, we will receive? Mark 11-22-24.

Prayer point -
1. Ask God to help your unbelief and increase your faith in Him ( If you are not born again or have backslided, this is a good time to ask for forgiveness and invite Jesus Christ into your life.)
2. Pray that your faith will work in all areas of your life this year in Jesus name amen.

NB- Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month. May you all enjoy favour and unlimited grace always in Jesus name amen

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