Friday, December 30, 2011


I cannt believe i am blogging today, i had to do this for a good cause...Its my dear husband's of the reasons why i love December is because i get to celebrate my husband apart from celebrating the birth of Christ.

Today as he celebrates a new year, my wish for him is that he becomes a better man, a man that will love God and serve him with all his heart, a man that will love his family and love humanity..

Most people will wonder why i am blogging about him today, right now, i cannt afford the kind of gift i will want to give him but i can afford to get people to pray for him all over the world. lol. I am where i am because he allows me to be me. I am true to myself and what i do because he allows God to use him to help me always. Sometimes when i think of what my husband means to me..all i can say is like Maria in the movie, the "Sound of Music" that sang that "somewhere in her youth or childhood, she must have done something good". I feel i must have done something good for God to bless me with a man that is not threathened by who and what i am or God showed me mercy anyways for a good cause! lol

God has blessed me with a destiny helper and all i can say is thank God and sing this song from a dear mentor..."Lord, i never knew you will answer me this way, i never knew, you will bless me this way, i never knew you will answer me this way, you will answer me this way..thank you Jesus"!

Indeed i never knew, God will bless me with a husband like my dear husband. I prayed for a "husband" and instead God gave me a friend, brother, provider, helper of destiny, mentor, teacher, priest, lover and jisting buddy! lol...As he celebrates today, kindly help me say a prayer for him that God will keep him from falling in any way, will keep him safe, will keep all that concerns him and perfect all that concerns him. God will keep our marriage, children and make us blessings to our world always in Jesus name amen.

NB - If you get to read this dear husband.. I LOVE YOU FOREVER and may God make me the kind of wife HE WANTS ME TO BE FOR YOU in Jesus name amen.

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pamela Evbota said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband. He is blessed to have a wonderful wife like you. Enjoy the path that has been laid before you