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Happy new week everyone. I had to share this thought provoking post from a dear friend, Sister Toyin Adekanmbi. This i believe is a message straight from the throne of God. May God help us to read and gain insight that will transform our lives forever.

Hagar was a priviledged maid in the house of Abraham. She was one of the opportuned few who shared and enjoyed the God of Abraham even as a mere ordinary slave.

She came into the limelight of destiny through a genuine attitude of Sarai who considered her as a channel to propagate God’s promise,and as a trusted maid whose life can be a vessel and a conveyor of divine purpose. Trust must have played a bigger role in the selection as it was not an issue of beauty or attractiveness which could have been a criterion if Abraham led the process. Sarai did the selection; based on how much she can be trusted to be “loaned” for a divine purpose. I believe it takes a great and sincere leader to trust children of strangers with their most precious future and destiny like Sarai did.

This is trust in its highest form; to trust an ordinary maid to share in your covenant future. She obviously was not the only maid in the house of Abraham, but found favour like Mary the Virgin to be a surrogate mother of the covenant seed of Abraham through whom all the nations of the earth will be blessed.
We saw a sharp shift in the unfolding story after the deed was done. Her humble and reserved personality was lost to utter despising of her source of lifting and recognition. She disregarded the place of her making and turned her back to the same gracious soul that shared her future with her. She broke out of decorum and became excessive to a point of running away in an unformed, uncompleted manner; carrying an incomplete purpose and an un-birthed destiny. She left half-baked, half-formed as she failed to yield to the discipline of being a maid-carrier under watch.

Like many of us, a little manifestation of grace, affluence and a feeling of establishment triggers pride, self-sufficiency with a tacit act of despising to our superiors, bosses, partners and spiritual leaders. We must never forget that no matter how much God has trusted our lives to bless our generation, we are still not different from a mere borrowed maid vessels. We are who we are by His grace and His grace alone. For the Excellency of the power must always be of God and never of us.

We cannot run away from the discipline of a father-figure to risk God’s investment in our lives in the wilderness of a lone ranger like Hagar did, thinking we could do it alone and outside an on-going leadership covering. She obviously forgot that no matter how great a fish can swim, its ability to survive is determined by its willingness to remain in its natural habitat (water). Any effort to break out and try terrestrial life on the land will mean death. “For in Him we live, we move and have our being”.

The Lord came to her rescue. There was a divine interruption as an angel intercepted her. The angel’s introduction clarifies how God sees the situation. The Angel identified her as “Hagar, Sarai’s maid” (Gen 16 vs 8). As far as God was concerned, Hagar’s priviledged access to Abraham’s bed does not make her a second Sarai or a replacement, she remained “Sarai’s maid”. Being trusted with a bigger assignment or being raised to do similar role like your spiritual fathers, boss at work, husband at home etc. does not change your basic title. Preferential responsibility shared on the altar of grace does not change our servant identity with God. Being used by God for the miraculous does not change how God sees us as innocent vessels and clay in His hand to achieve His own purpose.

God’s verdict was clear and compelling, having asked a serious question in Gen 16 vs 8 “where have you come from?” It seems to me that heaven is saying there is only one natural habitat where the seed you carry can be birthed, outside is death and unending frustrations. She was asked to return back and submit. Hagar was told that she was unripe to go solo. You don’t say a good night to the same place where your vision is best configured to say a good morning. Heaven could not afford to see her risk God’s vision on the altar of self-interest. How much of God’s sure calling either in ministry, business, and marriage have been terminated on the altar of “I will do it alone in the wilderness”.

Every man must remember his source and your independence or freedom is never at your instance but at the instance of your discipler and groomer unto whom the totality of the assignment to raise you was articulated. Never be in haste, learn to wait in the school of divine making.
It is no surprise that our generation is plagued with many spiritual infants on the altar, many babes running international ministries on cross-border television stations, many Christians who need to be under ongoing discipleship, many small business owners who still need to submit to their previous leaders for guidance, many young couples who still need to have spiritual fathers and mothers to look up to for maturation. Isaiah 51 vs 1 is speaking expressly “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness, you who seek the LORD: look to the Rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were dug”.

The way God continues to see us even in our moment of conscious detachment from the place of His making where He has originally placed us captures the intent of God that none should be lost in the wilderness of ambition and self-commissioned assignments. The discipline that will shape us and conform us to the best that God desires will only come if we remain in that place where we were made beneficiaries of the heavenly promises.

God’s judgment on the matter is that you cannot give birth to this promised seed in the wilderness as runaway, you must return to the place of your first love where you picked the seed of greatness. It’s a concern reflecting on how many saints who received clear instructions and visions under clear tutelage have pulled out to bring forth on their own. Paul warned the Galatian Christians “Are ye so foolish? having made a start in the Spirit, will you now be made complete in the flesh”

There is a good path to full independence in every phase of life. The concept of mentoring, discipleship and having accountable fathers to look up to is becoming critical in these last days. Every marriage must have a genuine mentor unto whom the parties can submit for spiritual leadership and collegial grooming. Every new business venture must have a trusted reference partner and every ministry (even singing ministers) must have men who have a sustained connection with God to help watch their paths through life.

There is always God’s timing and season for every event under the heaven. Learn to earn God’s trust in the place of consistent waiting and trusting.


Toyin Adekanmbi

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