Monday, October 17, 2011


Finally i get to send a message for October, its been an interesting month. A month of Favour and Help. This time we will do things differently and just pray through the remaining part of the month of October.

Our scripture for reading and praying are 2Samuel 6-11-12a,1Chronicles 12-21-22,Esther 2-15, Psalm 5-12 and Psalm 121.
Prayer point 1 - Pray that the remaining part of this year will be blessed by God for you and yours in Jesus name amen.
2. Pray that you will get help daily from God and from men in Jesus name amen.
3. Pray that you will be favoured wherever you are, you will enjoy favour from Man and God like Jesus did in Luke 2-52b
4. Pray that people will search you out to favour you; in your marriage you will be favoured, in your business, academics and everything you need favour on.
5.Pray that help will come from unlikely sources, ask God to send you angelic assistance and human assistance this last season of this year in Jesus name amen.
6. Pray that favour will surround you as with a shield
7. Pray that you will depend on God and may God alone be your help. Ask for His help where you need it most.
8. Give God praise for the remaining days of this year and pray that He will load you with benefits daily
9.Pray that your going out and coming in this last days of the year will be secured by God
10. Pray that divine protection will be your portion and that of your family and you will all live to testify of God's goodness this year and the coming year.
11. Pray that all your outstanding blessings will come to you in Jesus name amen.
12. Give God thanks for answers to prayers and thank Him for your "Come and see testimonies" in Jesus name amen.

Do you know - Jesus Christ said in Luke 18-1b, that we should always pray and not give up?

Action - Lets keep praying and asking God to settle our cases like the woman in Luke 18-1-8. We will end this year with praises and thanksgiving in Jesus name amen

Congratulations to everyone celebrating this month, may God bless you beyond your wildest imaginations in Jesus name amen.

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