Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello there, it's already eleven days down the month of August and I am sure, we have seen God's faithfulness these few days. My apologies for posting this late but I always tell myself, it's better late than never. So here is my thought on the glorious month of August.

August as we know, is the eight month of the year and it is a month of new beginning. I was praying about this month at the beginning of the month and I was led by the spirit of God to read Ezekiel 47 from verse 1-12. As I read through the scripture, what I saw was productivity and harvest, movement from one level of grace to another.

The figure eight means many things to many, in my research about the number eight, I saw that God used eight people to preserve the human race. Noah, his wife and three sons plus their wives were spared after God destroyed the earth with a flood. Read Genesis chapters 7, 8, and 9. So God continued the earth with these eight people, my prayer is that this month, there will be a continuation of God's grace in our lives in Jesus name amen

From our scripture in Ezekiel 47, the Prophet had an encounter with God and he was shown the temple, as he went round it, there was a measurement being done that was progressive, as Ezekiel watched, the water started from his ankle, to his waist till it became a river that could not be there was continuation and progress in everything Ezekiel saw, so I prophesy to you as well that you will see continuity and progress in every assignment God has given you in Jesus name amen.

The water, Ezekiel saw became a blessing to all the living things around it, so shall we be this month, as we get blessed, we will be blessing to all those around us in Jesus name amen. There was harvest from that water every month that became food for eating and leaves for healing, hallelujah! This month, we will indeed experience that new beginning that will transform our lives, family and community in Jesus name amen.

Do you know - Seed time and harvest time is sure? Genesis 8 - 22. When you plant a seed, it takes time to grow and eventually it grows and it's harvested. The seed has it's stages or level of growth.

Prayer point - Ask God to help you to see your next level and work to achieve harvest.
Pray that you will see your harvest and partake of it in Jesus name amen
Pray that as God blesses you and takes you to another level this month, you will be a blessing to those around you also in Jesus name amen.

Note- congratulations to everyone celebrating this month, may God bless you all and take you to your next level in life and ministry. Congrats to my best friend on the birth of her baby day, I will share her testimony here with her permission! Lol, God is awesome!

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