Sunday, July 31, 2011


I recently watched a movie titled the Blind side starring Sandra Bullock, this was a film that I saw the preview far back as 2009, when it came out but I never had the time to watch it until some days back and at the end, the film made an impression on me.

The film is about a young African-American homeless boy that had been traumatised, with no knowledge of who his father was and a drug addict for a mum. His life did a 360 degrees turnaround when a caring lady and her family took him into their home, providing all he needed to make a success of his life. He later became an American football player with a scholarship to a university.

This was a boy that had no real skill and could be said to be retarded academically, but this caring woman saw the good in this young boy, which was his protective instinct and with this and the help of her family members, she changed this young man's life for good...all I kept asking myself was how can I go about like Jesus Christ, who went about doing good and healing those who were oppressed by the devil because God was with him. Acts 10-38.

Honestly, I tell myself everyday, that my life goal is to live everyone I meet better than the way I met them and what this film did for me was to help reinforce that goal. Sometimes it's hard to love the unloveable, it's hard to love the troubled, it's hard to make friends with those you perceive as not in your "class" but what the film taught me is everyone is good for and at something. My dad will always tell me, that people have values to different degree and a mad man has nuisance value! I still laugh at that but if the truth be told, if you have a mad person in your area and after a while, you stop seeing that person, you may end up asking yourself where that mad person had gone to... That mad man has become like a thing of value you associate with coming to your area! Lol.

The above analogy may not work for some people but if the truth be told, we all have something of value to offer, you can choose to see the good in people and amplify that good or see the bad and amplify it but the first will give you a more fulfilling result.

When you see the good in others, you give them hope for a better tomorrow, they may not be the best of what you expect but when you nurture that good in them, you will end up reaping a harvest of goodness and love eventually. In Jeremiah 29 - 11, God talks about the plans He has for us, plans to to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future... That is a God that sees good speaking and saying no matter how deficient you are, I see you as someone with a hope and a future.

I have heard this phrase a lot of times,that hurting people hurt people but with love, care and prayers backed with good actions, people's lives can be turned around for good. I have been taught by my parents to see the good in everyone, to amplify people's strength instead of their weaknesses and so my advice today, is like that kind lady in the film the blind side...see the good in that child, in your spouse, your colleague and even those around you, you have classified as unloveable. God help us all.

Do you know - God so loved us that He gave His son to die for us, John 3-16.

Pray that God's love be shared abroad in your heart in Jesus name amen
Pray that God will anoint you like He anointed Jesus and you will go about doing good as well.

The movie is a must watch, see it and let's discuss. Lol

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pamela Evbota said...

Wonderful write up Bridget. I believe that the only way we can prepare our hearts daily to see the good in others is when we work on our mindset and believes. Have an open mind about people, don't be too quick to judge or put people in a mould that says this person is beneath me. It all starts from our minds. No wonder the Bible says renew your mind